VW Beetle Restoration – Rear Window Metal Repair

VW Beetle Restoration – Rear Window Metal Repair

Today we cut good metal from the 1973 and weld it into the 1965. This is going to be a challenge! Check it out! =) VW Beetle Restoration



Mark Andrews says:

wow well done bro

Jeff Clark says:

CT the metal surgeon, you rock!

Andrew Boyd says:

I think you can do the same with the swamp dragon!

daniel helbig says:

You’re a legend, I love this project

GRANT DW says:

awesome work man lovin this build

Backyard Kombi says:

Pretty complicated job there and looks like you pulled it off admirably.

cbody70 says:

Nice job on the window patch. Check out the "coat hanger" technique to fill large gaps Bad Chad used recently on his Hudson project.

Evasesh says:

Im just wondering why you didnt just cut out the entire window from the parts body and weld the entire thing in the one you are working on. Looking at it, it may have been easier and fixed a lot of the pitted seams on the rest of the window.

Raymond Dawson says:

Use a coat hanger to fill in the gaps .

Gary Mallard says:

I would cut your patch panel over cutting that close to the grilles…. less chance of disaster or some warping…. leave as much metal as you can away from something that detailed… alot less finish work later too and easier to sand/grind if you have your joint farther away.. and put those repair pieces ( small rust areas and gaps ) in before you weld this piece in…again it is easier to do when it is off vehicle and you can add the metal and trim it easier …

pfdmustang says:

I was conserned with you welding that close to the vent holes but after you cleaned up the welds it does not look that bad. I bet with a little clean up with a round file you can get them to look factory.

TheOriginalLugnuts says:

Why not cut the whole base of the window including the vents sense you have to fix both sides?

Helge Heyerdahl says:

Great. About time you drive a vintage VW product as a daily driver soon, probably beeing the biggest VW collector in your area. 🙂

Ricardo López gutierrez says:

Saludos de Mexico CT

Terry Raymond says:

W hile welding why do you use a short wire (on the tip of the tig welder)?

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