VW Beetle converted to electric in a day

VW Beetle converted to electric in a day

We managed to convert this classic VW Beetle to electric in a day using our bolt-in conversion kit. Motor – Hyper9 (120hp), 25kWh Tesla battery pack giving 80 to 90 mile range, 6.6kW charger, disc brakes on the front.




Albert Stegeman says:

This is like demolishing the Pantheon and replacing it by a modern concrete replica. The horror.

Sktona says:

To put it in perspective, the new Bus is only 200hp

samueladams7 says:

Let's see…Who had the bright idea, "Let's take a beautiful, full-functioning classic, historic car and ruin its historic value"? VW Bugs should be either restored to original or leave a good conditioned one alone. They don't make these anymore.

Ben Brigham says:

Oof, where were you guys when I still had my old '77 VW bus?

Equinox B says:

Great convert, but sorta takes away it's spirit and soul. That particular, distinctive engine noise.

Ado says:

Excellent! Though a little bit sceptical about that fault code that miraculously cured itself.. it can shit itself just as quick too.. though in saying that, so do normal engines. Well done guys!!

Ron Sorensen says:

Why wear masks? Masks don’t work. Silly

North Coast Models says:

A "green solution" lol

Cybermods says:

sponsored by a electric company thats gone bust hahaaha says it all.

Paul Rose says:

WAY, WAY to nice of a VW bug to do this to. I cringed while you took it apart, and I like electric conversions just not with such a nice example.

von halberstadt says:

That is a clean Beetle.

Blake Kurtz says:

Making it less reliable than before, in a day.

alaa noureddine says:

That's the future.
Those guys answered my question
Whats gana happen for all gas and deisel vehicles when dictator governments mandate the use of only electric cars.
Well they all gana cost us tons of money to convert them to electric like this beetle.

The Cross and the Switchblade says:

Ruined, in a day.

David Witherington says:

Man what a nice v-dub I shouldn't have did that to it what did it do to you

Lewis72 says:

Converting a classic car to electric seems like a vanity project.
The CO2 payback must be many decades.

Vangelis says:

Nice conversion. These cars should be completely tax free.

Flughunde says:

Amazing story guys! I really would like to convert my car into an electric. But i think this market will be small and only for a few with a filled portemonnaie. But anyway, it's really cool to see you worked it out and had a great time. Thank you for letting us be a part of your day. Greetings.

1silvervespa says:

Magically will stop working humm .

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