Volkswagen Passat (2014) – New Battery Install

Volkswagen Passat (2014) – New Battery Install

Learn how to install a new battery in a Volkswagen Passat. We’ll show you how to replace/change/remove with simple tips and tricks to help get you started!

Tool List: 10mm wrench, 13mm wrench

This 2014 Volkswagen Passat has it’s 12 volt starting battery located under the hood. Although this video may provide you with the basic procedures, we recommend that you check with the vehicle manufacture’s step by step procedures found in service/repair manuals for the vehicle you are working on.

Even if your vehicle did not come with an AGM battery, you can upgrade to an AGM battery for up to 2x the life. AGM can be found at most retail outlets. You can learn more about AGM here:

The use of a memory saving procedure will keep the memory alive on the vehicle’s computer during the battery replacement procedure. Referring to our Memory Saving video will provide you with various memory saving procedures that can be used according to vehicle manufacturer’s requirements.

Some late model vehicles must have the 12 volt battery registered with the vehicle’s Battery Control Module or Computer after replacement. See these videos on Battery registration and coding for more details on the procedures at &

Always wear safety glasses and gloves when working with or near batteries.



Jester The Legend says:

So weird the red cable goes on the negative and the black cable on positive.

Phyllis Ladson says:

What is the name of the Tool used to unscrew the bolt in the battery holder?


Thank you for getting right to the point and not being so wordy. You were very clear, and concise with your instructions. Blessings

Maria E Gonzalez says:

Thank you so much for making this video! Bless your heart!

Do it your way says:

What about clearing the codes? Why doesn't everyone on here ever mention that you will get a code on newer VW cars after you put a new battery in? Call your local parts store to confirm, don't believe me

Concentration Music says:

Forgot to clean the cable clamps…they both had crud on them

M0UZE says:

VW makes everything hard, surprised I don’t have to drop the engine to do this.

Paul Fekete Photography says:

The nost easiest way to change the battery that I ever seen! Thank you so much! ❤️

AARon says:

How to save $100

HyungKyu Kang says:

It's easy to replace battery

Mohammad Siddique says:

it's very helpful and very systematic way of showing the progress. Thanks a lot. I just changed the battery in VW touran within 10 to 20 minutes and it's first time in my life. Great help.

I have just used an extra solution on top of my plus (+) node as ATU suggests.

Grahams World & Grahams Grass cutting service says:

Didn't you have to code the battery to the car????

Mighty mime says:

Ive successfully changed my battery in the vw cc sport yet the battery light remains on.

M M says:

That's half of the job, you have to code the battery to ecu

Farid Kassam says:

What if we don’t have a memory saver?

TheAlexis5897 says:

Excellent explanation, but with my car when i ve changed battery during the plug it was doing some sparks . Why this happens? Can it damage the ECU?

nic giddings says:

Thanks a lot, quick clear and to the point

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