Volkswagen Beetle Driver's Window Regulator Replacement | DIY

Volkswagen Beetle Driver's Window Regulator Replacement | DIY

Video showing how to replace the driver’s door regulator, it also shows how to remove the door panel and replace the glass.

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roger corby says:

Had to do my Honda Element a month ago. I will be replacing the regulator on my GF Beetle this week. Great vid. Thanks for the help

Richelle Horstman says:

Awesome video! My car is having a similar problem, but has not stopped working yet. Just crunching sound. It is still winter so I am not rolling up/down window, but replacement is drawing closer and closer. Was car dropping/raising the half inch before reassembly or not at all?

Highlander says:

Great video Keith, Well done. Did you have to adjust the window after reassembly to account for the half inch drop/raise when opening and closing door? I will be attempting this very same job on my wife's beetle at the weekend. Hopefully all goes well….Thanks.

illwills says:

Salute Keith. My first car was a VW Jetta. And then I had A VW Corrado G60.

I'm not mad at seeing this video. I'm always strictly German anyway. I will never be insulted or offended to see German Cars. Thx for the content as always..

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