MK5 Jetta Trunk Latch DIY (How to) Install (Trunk Won't Stay Shut)

MK5 Jetta Trunk Latch DIY (How to) Install (Trunk Won't Stay Shut)

Will your trunk not stay shut on your MK5 Jetta? This video will show you how to replace your trunk latch (Link to product below) assembly on your 2006-2010 MK5 Jetta Sedan.

OEM VW Trunk Latch for MK5 Jetta

This video showing your how to replace your trunk latch applies to the following models
2006 MK5 Jetta Sedan
2007 MK5 Jetta Sedan
2008 MK5 Jetta Sedan
2009 MK5 Jetta Sedan
2010 MK5 Jetta Sedan

Disclaimer: Please note all DIY are intended for basic information. Deutsche Auto Parts is not liable for any damage incurred during any attempt to follow the information shown in the video above.

Disclaimer: Please note all DIY are intended for basic information. Deutsche Auto Parts is not liable for any damage incurred during any attempt to follow the information shown in the video above.

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OEM VW Trunk Latch for MK5 Jetta

Alexander Hollywood says:

will replacing this part help with when my trunk isn't opening?

Douglax says:

How similar is this project to a MK4?

Patty Schutzman says:

How long should this take? I have a mechanic who will be charging me $90 an hour, $60 for the new latch (Volkswagen) and gave me an estimated total of over $300. That seems very excessive.

Andre Carrosserie says:

Thanks great video, but I have a question Is there a easy way to unlock the trunk manually because the trunk still closed and unscrewing the actuator is easier when the trunk is open

Timothy Olmos says:

The problem with my MK5 Jteea is a little different: it will not open by using either the key FOB or the switch that is in the door. (I had a similar problem due to a bad FOB but the door switch still worked) I have changed the latch, but the problem is not solved.

I do not think that the problem is an electrical one with the door, for the gas cover release switch that is next to the one for the trunk operates normally. Why ideas?

Joe Cool says:

Mk6 wagon lift gate stuck closed, won't open, bypass lever won't open it, key fob won't open it, interior button won't open it, exterior lift gate button won't open it, can't get plastic interior lift gate trim off when its closed. What do I do!?

Benjamin D. Lopez says:

Ok but mk5 gti 🙁

Laurence Goldkamp says:

Thank you. Maybe some more close ups would have helped but I like this.

MR. Green says:

My latch wont open at all. The safety in the trunk wont do anything. Any ideas to open the hatch on my GTI?

mike 2345 says:

Does this matter if there is a keyhole?

Edward Halim says:

Can you do a more close up video on the latch. I'm having a hard time trying on some parts.

Neon diamonds Aquaberry says:

This a 10 minute job and three 10mm bolts on any Honda or Toyota , leave it the Germans to even screw this up too

Gabby The ToyMaker says:

Wow you lucky it closed on the FIRST try .lol the power of editing…lol

Miguel Samaniego says:

I have an MK4 Golf.. Trunk latches when I close door. However, It won't lock when I lock all doors and set the alarm. Any idea what it can be?

Red Rock Rajah says:

Is this the same latch and process for the Sportwagen body type?

Edwardo Cardenas says:

How much is that replacement latch?

Matthew Ayres says:

Any idea what size triple square bits are used on the two bolts that hold the latch on? 10mm? 14mm? Seems to be a limitedly available where I live.

Joanna Leszowska says:

Hi. Does anyone have the part number of this latch?? Thanks

Luke says:

I replaced the trunk latch like the video instructed.. but i still get the "trunk open" warning in my dashboard.. any other suggestions to fix this problem? 2006 Jetta TDI, mk5

Bob P says:

This is all good but I can't open my trunk to replace the latch. Tried climbing inside and pushing the white latch to the side while pushing on the door from the inside and having someone actuate the trunk handle electric switch from the outside but nothing happens. Door is securely locked in place. 2014 Jetta Sportwagon

Anthony Bombaci says:

What are the 2 screws, 1 in each handle recess, that you initially removed? I purchased a 2013 GLI (second hand) & when I changed the trunk latch these two screws were missing from the trim. I would like to replace them, but I am finding it impossible to find out what type of screws that they actually are. All of the VW parts websites do not show these screws in their trunk trim diagrams. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Prakash R says:

Hello, this is nice video.
I have a problem with B5 2003 VW Passat V6 GLX Wagon. My trunk is shut and cannot be opened by Keyfob / Door button / manual metal key in the rear trunk door. When I try to open using key fob , the FUSE#14 blows up. I have replaced few of them already. Please let me know if the actuator replacement will resolve this problem. Also, How do I open the trunk door, that wont respond to key as well. This is a wagon, so I can crawl from the rear set. Thanks in Advance..
Also, what is the part number for my car?

F R says:

Very instructive. Following your instructions I was able to remove my trunk lock and reinstalling after repairing it on my 2008 Passat. Thanks.

Andreja Ostojcic says:

I have problem with MK5 trunk latch ,I cant open it unlease I open manually from inside of trunk,is it bad wiring or should I replace latch like you in video ?
How to separate VW sign from latch ?

Don W. says:

Do you remove the plastic cover in the trunk of the Mk5 gti's the same way? There is 2 screws, 1 in each handle recess but the plastic feels stuck. Do I need to just pull hard and pop it off or is there a different way to remove the shroud? I'm trying to replace my old trunk latch with a new one I purchased from your store but I have been unsuccessful at getting to remove the old latch. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

vlad- theimpeler says:

thanks, guys good job keep it up

Louisa Williams says:

Any chance the 2011 Tiguan replacement is this easy?

Vida Holmes says:

You saved the day! Thanks

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