Is this a New Common MK7 Engine Issue?

Is this a New Common MK7 Engine Issue?

The MK7 GTI is one of the most reliable VWs in a very long time. In this video, we look at a failure that has become more common. The failure of intake camshafts and cam phasers is becoming more common on 1.8t engines, especially ones that are burning oil. In this video, we explain the problem, what’s failing and how to diagnose a bad intake cam.

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badger jamees says:

Lol,Volkswagen-they dont make engines like they used to. Those old beetle air cooled engines if looked after were incredibly reliable,not so with these engines they are absolute garbage quality. Like a lot of new engines thesedays they are not made to last they are made to a budget. Toyota is about the only car manufacturer that still makes quality vehicles and engines. I certainly would not go near any Volkswagen,good for 200,000 ks and then they are ready for the wreckers.

T F says:

can confirmed had a Gen 1.8T MK6 Jetta with BOTH issues.

nuclearx0id says:

so… in other words i dont need to put oil ?

J H says:

When you mentioned "seals are leaking" in the video, did you mean the cambridge o-ring seals, or those little seals that you took out of the cam-shaft adjuster in the video?

Better With Rum says:

lol, Jetta owners are r/NissianDrivers with slightly better credit scores and taste.

Tim says:

Hi. I'm a Paul crisis enjoyer. This video had multiple instances where Paul experienced a crisis from the engines not having enough oil, and I enjoyed it.

Westcoast Audi Guy says:

Thank God the solenoids for my cams are like 45 mins tops for all four…

Nyc Contrabass says:

Still way easier than my car…

dtrg65 says:

is that Lusine on the soundtrack?

George P says:

I have a non-MK7 car (2009 CC) so I guess I don't need to worry about my oil, right?

P Bogs says:

Does anyone know which model years got the updated camshaft vs which would have the old? How do you know which rev of spool valve would fit your car?

Donny S says:

rule one = oil

xXx_MLG_Coyote_xXx says:

A modern turbo charged VVT engine having problems? No way! I mean you could go buy a ford and have your ecoboost blow up in 100k miles

Sonja Letourneau says:

So.. check your oil?

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