How to Replace VW Jetta Daytime Running Lights (MK6 2011-2018)

How to Replace VW Jetta Daytime Running Lights (MK6 2011-2018)

Adam and Andrew replace the Daytime Running Lights (DRL) on the 2014 Volkswagen Jetta. Not to be confused with the blinker lights, the DRLs remain on when your headlights are off.

No tools required. Replacing them is a tight fit, but just origami your hand back there and you’ll be fine.

This video should apply to any Sixth Generation (MK6) Jetta – so models from 2011 to 2018.
Passats are a little different, they can have an access panel from the fender liner inside the wheel well.

Special thanks to for the excellent LED lights. They’re at least a billion times brighter than the stock units and don’t trigger a code!

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@S-10Low says:

Thanks prick for explaining turn left turn right 214k views I wonder how many have said this

@marks7192 says:

Dudes….wth. this kind of sucks azz. Dealer wanted to take out tge whole headlight assembly, to the tune of 240bucks….for a 8 dollar light bulb? Get wrecked. Good job on that the other side, i changed my other side a few years ago on a 35 degree day and hacked my hand up like so many others have.

@yoBradyO11 says:

Volkswagen went down the drain. Their old cars never used to be this stupid to work on. Just had to do this job on my sister's car and ripped my hands apart. And there was no way in hell I was pulling the bumper apart to replace a single freaking bulb.

I owned a 2000 Jetta 2.0. That car was cake to work on compared to this POS

@Urmomsstockings says:

Has anyone had any issues with the 2017 VW Jetta SEL?? I am in the process of replacing my DLR and it seems that there is no bulb for this. I even removed the bumper and headlight to get a better look but it seems that its digital maybe?

@harv052 says:

I can do all that fine…But the connector is stuck in there…Like really stuck!! It turns CW and CCW no problem, once turned it can move left to right but not up and down and it seems stuck at the bottom and it just will not come out!! Anything to remedy that??

@Hutchman05 says:

Thankfully as a young man with small Asian girl hands I was able to remove the bulb within 15 seconds!

@ReDNeckRoY says:

I tried for 3 hours to do my driver side and couldn't do it. Dealer wants 400 bucks to do it as the said the bumper has to come off. Just watching this video pissed me off.

@sliipydude says:

Does no one have a video for replacing the rear ones?

@DustedMoon321 says:

Finally after years of playing piano to strengthen my grip as well as God given small hands, my time has come! This was a piece of cake thanks to you guys. Thanks for a great tutorial!

@danw5974 says:

I tried on-and-off for two hours and had two other people try to get the bulb out. Ended up removing the grill and loosening up half the front bumper only then to remove the headlight so I could get to the damn bulb. I’m never buying a VW again.

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