How to replace Volkswagen Bug Accelerator/Throttle cable

How to replace Volkswagen Bug Accelerator/Throttle cable

Here is my tutorial on how to repair your bug’s gas cable. This method works best of the cable has broken off to where you cannot tape a new cable to the old one and pull it through.



James Lee says:

Very nice, I just need to replace mine as well.

Jean Julies says:

How do you attached the cable to the pedal

Forest Chicken says:

any idea how to do this on a 79 super? Their is a plastic sleeve in mine. Can't feed the throttle cable in. Can't pull the sleeve out….. at a loss

H H says:

Thanks for the video but never put your petrol filter in the engine bay

00’sHD says:

Simple And Excellent Guide Thanks Man.

Tyler Harney says:

What is the overall length of the accelerator cable?

Park Richard says:

Great video. Gave me a lot of confidence. I bought a 73 Type 1 from the original owner that has not started since 1995. The accelerator pedal is stuck. I assume from rust. I need to gently get that working. Here is a link that gives more detail.

Martin Harris says:

Very clear and thorough. Even though it's a routine job to a seasoned VW mechanic, this would be very helpful to the novice. Cheers!

Dale Gribble says:

I watched this to see how the pedal end connects to the arm, but you did not even connect it on video?

Israel Gonzalez says:

Really ? Tie new cable with the broken cable with little bit of tape pull it through lol …

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