How to Replace Sway Bar Links Volkswagen Passat

How to Replace Sway Bar Links Volkswagen Passat

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This video goes over how to replace your front or rear sway bar links on a 2012 Volkswagen Passat.This video can be followed and applied for 2012-2019 VW Passat’s . Sway bar links are what connect the outer end of the sway bar to the suspension component. A sway bar prevents the car body from leaning too much and keeps the vehicle stable when driving and turning. If you suspect that a sway bar link is broken, you can still drive the car, but should use caution. It’s alway a good idea to fix your car as soon as possible.

Tools needed:

Needle Nose Pliers — —
Socket Set — —
Screwdriver Set — —
Wrench — —
Jack and Jack Stands — —
M6 Triple Square Socket — —
Grease Gun — —
Hand Cleaner — —
Rubber Gloves — —
Shop Towels — —

Parts :

Sway Bar Links — —

These are the tools we used or something that’s similar. There are many manufacturers and various prices. It’s a good idea to buy the better tool with the best warranty and easiest exchange in case of tool failure.


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Pauley Wauley says:

Thanks for the video. I just had a friend help me do this to a 2013. I thought the bit for the end link bolt inset was torx or 6 point star, turned out to be a triple square/12 point star bit. We ended up using vice grips after stripping things with the 6 point. With a 12 point it's super easy, with vice grips you need some genuine hand strength to make it hold. Only thing I'd add, for those of us without a hoist, jack up both sides at the front, it takes the tension off the bolts and they come right out. If one side of the car is on the ground there's a butt ton of tension and it's really janky getting the bolt out, or was for us.
Thanks again dude, you and my buddy saved me $200+

Carmelo M says:

Thank you for the video. I couldn’t tell but did you replace the old nut or did you install a brand new nut?

Also concerningThe grease fitting could you provide more detail on this greasing process what special equipment do you need for that?

Nigel MacKinnon says:

At 1:36 you didn’t really show you getting it off. Just that it spins and then the next shot you had it off. I’m struggling to get mine off. She just spins and I can’t get the vice grips to stay on because the part on the inside is round :/

Walt Guo says:

Thank you, sir, got it!

gregdawgzz says:

VW dealer in MN wanted $260 for my LF sway bar link job (2015 Passat) — great video! I did have to jack up the lower control arm in order to get the sway bar bolts out from mounting points — thanks again for great vid!

Johnny says:

The dealer wanted $230 (Canadian) for the parts. Glad I watched this video first. Straight forward job.

Jafredd Flores says:

Very helpful thank you just did my Passat 2015

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