How to Replace Headlights 11-16 Volkswagen Jetta

How to Replace Headlights 11-16 Volkswagen Jetta

1A Auto shows you how to repair, install, fix, change or replace the broken, damaged, cracked, faded, cloudy, or chipped headlights. This video is applicable to the 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 Volkswagen Jetta

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🔧 List of tools used:
• T25 Torx Driver
• T30 Torx Driver
• Ratchet
• Socket Extensions
• Assistant

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camille warren says:

Is A1 auto a reputable site to purchase parts from? Looking to purchase a 2014 Jetta headlight!

Caleb Archer says:

Hey great video! I have to do this to my 13’ Jetta to swap assembly’s for my new LED ones so this video is a huge help. Gives me a little more confidence and less fear lol.

ClumsyDrummer says:

I enjoy my Jetta but now I know I'll probably never own a VW again. People warned me before I leased it that ANY repairs, big or small, would cost me like three times the amount of another vehicle, and I just figured I'd be fine, but of course I've gotten into two accidents in that vehicle alone. Plus VW locks down their parts and has pretty much none available if your vehicle isn't a decade old, removing any ability for you the customer to make repairs. But after seeing this I guess that's why. What an absolute pain 🙁

J Hopper says:

Where can you get the headlights aimed? No one knows how to do it anymore.

Joseph Schnabel says:

No need to take the bumper off. Just the grill. Awesome video, if you want to be scared into taking it to the shop. Lots of money. 3-5 hours .
Or do it yourself take just the grill out and leave the bumper alone. I finished in 20 minutes.

Adnan Shora says:

I replaced my headlight on 2015 jetta without removing bumper or grill, as long as you don't mind having a small hole in the grill,

Adnan Ahmed says:

No need to remove bumper or grill if you don’t mind a small hole in your grill enough to pass a T30 screwdriver to unscrew that last screw

Julian Pillars says:

so I have the 2013 Jetta Hybrid – gotta tell you right now this would have saved me ALOT of time and hassle to replace the DRL if I had found this earlier in the day – needless to say, after my car taking some skin and a little blood, the LED DRLs look epic – next time a bulb goes out, im taking this route and just doin' a mass replace of bulbs – yes, it'll be costly but in the end, I'll like the look.

Frank Linsalato says:

I see that this video was published in 2017 but refers to 2011 – 2016 cars. Would this apply to 2017 models as well or is there a different procedure?

Kirt Bond says:

Leave the bumper alone! T-27 bit

Rare Sito says:

do you guys have the screws for the mounting brace at :41, i need the ones that secure the headlight in place

Aaron Dodson says:

That's nuts all for a headlight

GamingWorld114 says:

You didnt need to take all the front of the car to remove the headlight Tf

Michael Vandergriff says:

Nevermind, who needs headlights anyway?

Hodgy says:

Is this really the only way? Wow

tiger prodiege says:

4:09 is critical

Jeff Gibbs says:

The entire bumper does not need to be removed when replacing the headlight assembly. The bumper and the grill are independent of each other and will separate. After you remove the (4) T25's on the top of the grill, it will separate from the bumper (with some gentle force / wiggling / rocking). There are 6 plastic tabs that run along the lower edge of the grill and lock it on to the top of bumper. You can actually see the tabs if you stop at the 3:39 mark. When paused @ 3:39 it almost appears as if he's pointing at the clip I'm referring (the slot / clip are on the flat ledge, just slightly above his fingertip). There are 5 more that run the length of the grill. 1A Auto has some great videos out there. They've helped me a ton, but this one takes you through some some unnecessary steps.

Sarahi Espino says:

How long would you estimate the whole process should take?

Suad Ikanovic says:

How long did it take for guys to remove the bumper from the clips after all screws were taking off i broke my grill retainer trying to take it off god i hate VW

ashley miller says:

Was trying to avoid an unnecessarily large mechanic bill by watching this video… but now I understand why they charge so much … yikes

jhamm15 says:

What if you have adaptive cruise control, is there a harness attached to the VW emblem in the grill/bumper? Do I have to get ACC recalibrated if bumper/grill comes off?

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