How to Replace Cabin Air Filter 2018+ VW Tiguan MQB (3rd Gen)

How to Replace Cabin Air Filter 2018+ VW Tiguan MQB (3rd Gen)

Here’s a quick video of how to replace the cabin air filter on a 2018 Volkswagen Tiguan/Allspace MQB (3rd Gen). This air filter is a genuine VW part bought from VW’s parts center (Part #: 5Q0-819-653).

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Heidi Braun-Hill says:

Thanks for the video and clear instructions.

Avmart Melidor says:

Although it was a bit dark your instructions and flashlight illuminated what I needed to change the cabin filter. Thanks

lexusfan100 says:

What interval mileage did u change urs

Be Jaysus says:

Normally the filter housing lid slids to the side. Have you tried this instead of opening the clips?

Jesse Chao says:

Your video helped me today! Thanks.

Spectre 6-1 says:

Thanks man!

Fabian Ulber says:

Hello, after the replacement my glove box opens really fast and not as smooth as it did before. Can you help me out?

AJ Quinones says:

thanks for posting the steps and the part #

Ismet Hadzic says:

It also works for 2019 Jetta. Collect lots of small leafs and debris. Thanks for the video

willd0g says:

Thanks dude

Steven Postle says:

Do you know if the cabin filter is in the same location on 2018 VW Atlas?

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