How To Replace A VW Key FOB Battery

How To Replace A VW Key FOB Battery

A straight and to the point video on replacing a dead battery in a Volkswagen flip style key FOB. I go through all the steps, from getting to the battery, to replacing it and reassembling your key remote. This method works on MK4, MK5, and MK6 VWs.

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hughie vox says:

Great job. For those in RioLinda, playback at .25 speed to catch each blocked hand movement due to poor cam angle.

Sasquatch says:

Voice is nails on a chalkboard.
What is a "bu-in"?

Tegan Flegg says:

I tried to replace my battery but the metal ring is missing where the batteries sit, who ever owned the car before me obviously tried to replace them and lost the ring, can you just buy that part or should I just buy a new fob

Logan Miles says:

Quick and to the point. Thanks.

Matt Macey says:

Very good and straight forward video. Thanks a lot!

Robert Monk says:

Anyone know a source for VW Eurovan parts? I need a new driver side headlamp assembly (only passenger side found online so far). And a driver side tail light assembly. And a driver side mirror (or stick-on mirror repair).

Robert Monk says:

My 2003 Eurovan key has a small Phillips screw must be removed before separation? Or is this securing the circuit board?

Arthur Clery says:

went out and got some 2032 batteries for my keys… turns out keys for the 2000 Golf take 2×1620's. Oops.

chickapey says:

my fob won't separate at all. It's the black and silver logo

Michael Clutton says:

Thanks changed my VW key battery, you made it simple

DalTron says:

I looked up this video desperately just to find out that my backup fob works perfectly fine lmao, thanks for the great vid anyway

Despo Baltoumas says:

cash you are amazing. I have been climbing into the back hatch of my Passat wagon. No one could help me not even AAA. Thank you!

dlethe says:

Note, batteries vary by FOB — but you can find all of them at your local grocery store battery display.

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