How To Remove A VW Front Seat ~ Salvage Yard Tips

How To Remove A VW Front Seat ~ Salvage Yard Tips

Today I will show you how to DIY removing a VW front seat. This mostly applies to the 1998-2005 Passat, and very similar the 1999-2005 Golf, Beetle and Jetta. That is the B5, B5.5, and MK4 Volkswagens. This may apply to other VW and Audi cars as well

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Join me today:
~Tools you need to the front seat
~Positioning the seat properly
~Removing the trim covers (if needed)
~Electrical connector removal
~Taking care removing the seat
~and more

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VanguardSR3 says:

My 2002 Passat the seat moves a good amount in the rails when driving. How do I fix this??? Side to side mainly

Martin Trajcevski says:

Thank you helped me and my friend finish his proyect alot!

MeshelleMyBell says:

I am removing the seats out of a 2002 Beetle that has heated seats and the air bag. I don't want to break any of the tabs and really wish there was a detailed video on how to use the clasps on the electrical components so to not break them. Any ideas??

salvador murillo says:

Hello ihope you ca helme ihave A 2009 vw cc and i replace the front seat for A 2013 cc afther that traction ligth came on air bag and stering ligth ypu have Any idea how can i fix this ? Thanks and advance

All things positive says:

How do you take out the back of the front seat only and leave the cushion in ?

Lorenzo Beckmann says:

I want the seat alarm to go silent. I believe that it has an anti-slouch warning button in the back support cushion. It is now hyper-active 2011 CC

jacques fois says:

Great style and to the point.

Panos Tsf says:

Also Seat Leon mk1

Josephine Bennington says:

Gaaaah! You’re a NAmerican. You drive in the wrong side. Is the Uk passenger seat similar, even easier?

Josephine Bennington says:

You don’t sound humble….!

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