How To Make Your VW Run FOREVER ~ 5 Easy Tips

How To Make Your VW Run FOREVER ~ 5 Easy Tips

Do you love your VW? Want to know how to fix and maintain to keep the car running forever? Worried about all the plastic in your VW? Want to keep that VW Crayon smell? Today we cover 5 easy tips to keep your VW running perfect forever. These tips come from a VW Master Technician with 800 years of experience. #April1 #humblemechanic

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HumbleMechanic says:

If you are upset about this Beetle being treated so bad, don't worry. It went straight the the scrap yard after. The poor car.. This poor poor car

Ian Kleckner says:

Wow this video is GOLDEN, thank you so much for this. Your delivery was perfect 🙂

thromboid says:

Wiper blade delete. 😀 So plausible.

MIK55 TV says:

Damn i thought this was a real video

Craig Roberts says:

Love the brondo comment it’s what plants crave!!!

God Emperor Meow says:

"I've learned a lot about the in's and out's of these cars." beats the living hell of out the whatever the hell that thing is
"they've all been really great.." pulls out an air vent/dash/expansion valve with the might of Zeus and sheer frustration

John Faire says:

Brondo has what plants crave

Ioannis Tsoupakis says:

imagine watching this video 6 months later and looking for actual advice…!!

David says:

Just buy a Toyota.

isaac shively says:

Hey I've been doing it right

Markus Dmitri says:

LOL awesome

Vaughn Lenca says:

As a new beetle owner, I love this but also hate this at the same time lol.

You're friendly neighborhood white guy says:

Bruh you forgot the most Important maintenance synthetic 50w blinker fluid

MJD3 says:

flower pot maintenance totally cracked me up

kashif k says:

Hello Humble mechanic
I have a skoda octavia 1.9 tdi 2005 model car. The car brakes works well for the first 3 attempts then it becomes hard and once drive further you get back the brake for 3 attempts. Also the car does not go above 100 kmph I have changed the turbo charger core 6 months back. Please let me what I need to check to fix this issue.

3NCode says:

Idk If you would happen to know but where the hell is the ac drain valve on those new beetles I have a 2010 and I’ve changed the air filter and the cabin filter is deleted on that year it’s just a permanent mesh filter but there is a musty smell coming out of the ac and I have a theory the drain is clogged any help locating it would be amazing !

Band Kid Destroyer says:

My GTI smells like crayons, new car smell and weed all at the same time and I'm really not sure how or why

El tumbador de agujas. says:

My dad has its audiA6 and my mom has her A3 with TDI 1.9. 11 years with bascic mantenience and they still run like champs

DMR says:

good traction hahahahahahaha

Justin Beyer says:

Hitler is rolling over in his grave.

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