How to Install VW GLI Brake Pads & Rotors and Brake Bedding (2010-2014 MK6) | DIY | ECS Tuning

How to Install VW GLI Brake Pads & Rotors and Brake Bedding (2010-2014 MK6) | DIY | ECS Tuning

Rotors, Pads & Tools used in this video —

ECS Tech and VW Enthusiast, Caleb, demonstrates how to properly install new brake pads and rotors on his MK6 GLI using Hawk Talon Rotors and Hawk HPS5.0 Performance Pads. He also demonstrates properly bleeding and bedding techniques.

Chapter Markers:

00:00 – Intro
00:10 – Parts and Tools
01:12 – Front Brake Pads and Rotors
11:13 – Rear Brake Pads and Rotors
22:21 – Brake Bleeding
25:23 – Brake Bedding
28:44 – Outro

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Diego Tacatic says:

Finally, some good GLI Mk6 content! Nice video, every step nicely detail. Hope to see more GLI MK6 content!

Will Banks says:

Only thing I’m missing to do this job is the John travolta jacket

Jake Nevermind says:

I bought a wing and it came broken why the hell would anyone order something from you guys that will compromise safety like brakes or engine components. Wild.

N911GT2 says:

Lol who works on a car looking like Elvis Presley?

Dave J. says:

Sure that you have them installed in the tight direction ? Usually the hole pattern on the disc is the opposite way.

Calvin K says:

Rotors do not warp..

Philippe Dionne says:

What exhaust is that?

Yashar says:

Where’s Zach jobe

Takeo Mack says:

I just did the rear brakes on my 2016 Jetta Sport this last Sunday, very vice video wish you would have posted earlier! I was able to remove my rear rotors without removing the carrier? Anyway…nice one! ❤️

Sean Pietri says:

Man I coulda used this video like 4 yrs ago.

Dre2k- says:

I have a set screw stuck in my hub do you have a link to get tool to re thread the hub after drilling the old one out ?

John Smith says:

I don't own a VW, but strangely enough i find myself watching this. P.S. I have a BMW

teo hima says:

Buddy just works in a leather jacket??

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