HOW TO INSTALL 2010 VW JETTA SPLASH GUARDS – Step by step walkthrough installing splash guards

HOW TO INSTALL 2010 VW JETTA SPLASH GUARDS – Step by step walkthrough installing splash guards

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Installing factory splash guards on a 2010 Volkswagen Jetta TDI

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Patrick Bzdula says:

ConGrats, Your as stupid as the other one 'using blocks of wood and only a floor jack, or just a floor jack guess your life isn't worth much, nice safety glasses, STOP DOING CRAPPY/WRONG VIDEOS

spacemansabs says:

did your front clamps stay on? couldnt get mine tight without them sliding down…

logan mcdermott says:

Do they fit golf mk5 tdi

Luis Cruz says:

Where can I get the mud flaps there hard to find online !

Vernon Dent says:

Great video, I just finished an install on my Jetta Sportwagen. A couple of suggestions at least for a Sportwagen. I would use the longer screws provided on the nylon nuts and re-use the original screws where they came out. Also, on the passenger side rear you can use that screw on the bottom to attach the little flange. You do not have to drill a new hole.

Luke Davis says:

Thanks so much, I was trying to figure out how those stupid clips on the front splash guards attach. And my instruction manual didn't even hint that I'd need a powerdrill for the back ones. Mine weren't identical to yours, but a similar version for a 2004 Jetta wagon.

Feyoud Isaacs says:

Got my splash guards for my 2011 Polo for 8 months but after seeing your video I think I can fit them without defacing my car…thanks

Deadbydawn 36 says:

lol you don't need to take off the tire bro just gotta turn the wheel on the fronts . I know this because I put them on for a living for Volkswagen

hulkhatepunybanner says:

When I search "5K0075105" I get this video and only this video.

george hamilton says:

Great detail in the video! I bought the splashguards used (TDI turn in), and thus they came w/o instructions.

Mattyaa says:

Thanks for the video this will be helpful once they arrive. Cheers.

Steve Bennett says:

thanks ,needed it from 5:50 cheers

Its Roni! says:

Thanks so much for the video! I just received the splash guards that I'd ordered and after watching the video, I know I need a professional. I had no idea that I would have to remove the wheels! Yikes!! Would you happen to have any recommendations as to what kind of business installs them? Thanks for any info you can provide.

HKStrongside says:

Awesome! Hope it goes well! I really think they add to the look of the car, and somewhat functional too!

HKStrongside says:

Sweet let me know how it goes!

csoled11 says:

Thanks for the video. I have a 2000 passat and i'm planning to add the splash guards,

Ron C says:

Thanks for posting. I am thinking of doing my 2009 Golf and feel the work should be similar. These steps are a bit more complex than I thought they would be but now I think I know what to watch out for. Thanks again!

Svensk46 says:

Can I have your car? LOL! Just kidding. Great vid. Thanks.

HKStrongside says:

@pucs82 Glad to be of help. I think the splash guards look awesome! Good luck on your install, I hope it goes well.

pucs82 says:

Thanks for this DIY. I will be doing this on a mk6 jetta soon. It may be different but this video has given me confidence to go do it.
Thank you….now you should make some videos for the votex body kits :p

TypeTuber says:

Thanks for the DIY video, will be doing this one tomorrow

HKStrongside says:

@MacFazer Glad to help.

HKStrongside says:

@gdobrev135 No prob, glad to help.

HKStrongside says:

@ButlerHealthPlan Glad it helped. I agree, they do make the car look better!

HKStrongside says:

@LawsonIntel What VW vids would you like to see me make?

HKStrongside says:

@LawsonIntel I was able to get each side for $54.

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