How to FIX the Volkswagen Headliners – Watch!

How to FIX the Volkswagen Headliners – Watch!

This is a video of how we fix the headliners on the Volkswagens that the factory glue pulls away from the main liner, we use a staple gun with quarter inch staples. This happens a lot in the 2006 to 2010 Volkswagen. The older Volkswagens 2005 and under have a very thin headliner and you can use headliner adhesive glue for them, very lightly. Do not try gluing these at all. Staple gun is needed.



Scott Heaton says:

I just did a headliner job in a car, and I ended up cutting the thing in half so I wouldn't have to take a window out. Glued the 1st half on before I put it back in and carefully smoothed the 2nd half in in place. Almost better that my cut wasn't immaculate, fit together like a puzzle. Few hours, $18 Walmart blanket and $15 can of glue, turned out close to perfect, better than I expected. Would have been perfect if I would have tracked down a grinder or wire brush, needed a bit more scraping. Good option for an older car when you want to keep the cost down.

ben ben says:

Go fuck your self

Pixie Dust Paige says:

Bless youuuuuuu

Chris Damian says:

the airbag clip unclips and under that clip is a hidden screw! you just broke that panel lol

Chris Damian says:

just pay an upholsterer, dont ruin your headliner

scott sienkiewicz says:

Very awesome! we are going to sell our Wolfsburg that has served us well now has 200k and it needs a few repairs like this one then it will be back to 100%. It's only worth 1400.00 and we don't need to spend 400$ in repairs. Thank you very very much!!!

kibosabi says:

And what about the middle,just hang in there? 🙂

Nicolas DeWolfe says:

Do not recommend staples. It will tear eventually and you won't be able to staple again because you won't have enough fabric. Reglue is the only lasting option.

roger jones says:

rough as fk…take it out and re cover it

Paresh Parmar says:

Sem problem in my car thank you tip

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