How to change front wheel bearing / front hub bearing on VW GOLF 6 (5K1) [TUTORIAL AUTODOC]

How to change front wheel bearing / front hub bearing on VW GOLF 6 (5K1) [TUTORIAL AUTODOC]

How to change front wheel bearing / front hub bearing / front wheel bearing kit on VW GOLF 6 (5K1) 2.0 Hatchback 10.2008–11.2013 [TUTORIAL AUTODOC]

Wheel bearing on VW CC (358) (11.2011-2019) / VW Passat B7 Saloon (3C, 362) (08.2010–12.2014) / SKODA Superb II Estate (3T5) (10.2009–05.2015) / SKODA Octavia II Estate (1Z5) (10.2005–06.2013) / SEAT Leon II Hatchback (1P, 1P1) (06.2007–12.2012) cars should be replaced, as a rule, according to one and the same procedure.
However, there can be slight differences due to specific features of the vehicle design.

🔝 Top brands that produce wheel bearing: A.B.S.; SKF; STARK; MAPCO; RIDEX

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0:00 — VW GOLF 6 – wheel bearing / hub bearing / wheel bearing kit: step-by-step changement tutorial
0:51 — Unscrew the wheel bolts.
2:58 — Remove the brake disc.
3:57 — Remove the wheel hub from the steering knuckle.
6:38 — Install the wheel hub on the steering knuckle.
8:29 — Screw in the wheel bolts.

🛠️The tools you need to replace front wheel bearing:
– wire brush
– WD-40 spray
– copper grease
– drive socket No.15
– drive socket No.12
– 12-point socket №24
– XZN socket bit №12
– Torx bit T30
– wheel impact socket №17
– ratchet wrench
– torque wrench
– tap wrench
– crow bar
– rubber mallet
– hydraulic transmission jack
– wheel chock

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David Makówka says:

Hi, I was not able to loosen the bolt at 1:38. I have the same breaker bar. You need an pipe that goes on your breaker bar so you have more force

demil letic says:

What sizes metric unit are those sockets and 12 point socket?

Rob ban says:

I have mounted brakes for all those years and never using anything in between the hub/rotor/rim. It's really disgusing how people still doing like this because old grandpa told you to grease everything.

Dzona Tanek says:

Is the process the same for the rear bearing?

Messy Jesse says:

Greetings, you can skip removing the control arm bolts. I just did mine. Probably saved 15 minutes.

ZeeFrankensteel says:

THx, for the detailed vid. Very good. But the music is annoying 10 on 10, makes you wish the video ends soon. Hearing the mechanic work and tool sounds would be just better, realistic and really anyone interested in the video would prefer to hear that.

ujjwal deep singh says:

Why the entire hub is changed and not only the bearings as in your other vedio of polo mk3

Bartosz Lomnicki says:

Great video, thank you!

Peter says:

What is the torque procedure for axle bolt?

Neil G says:

Correct torque figures
21mm brake carrier bolts (2) 190nm.
16mm ball joint nuts (3) 60nm.
12 xzn wheel bearing to hub (4) 70nm + 90°.
24mm drive shaft bolt (12pt without ribbing) 200nm + 180°
17mm wheel bolts (5) 120nm.

auxmike says:

80nm only for the axel bolts?!

Matthew Haff says:

I am so grateful to this video as I am certainly not a mechanic but finances made it so that I had to either forfeit my car or fix the front bearings. This video was a HUGE help and I know how time consuming video editing and setting up to film is, on top of the work itself that you featured. I appreciated how you posted the Torque requirements of each step right on the screen for me to follow. You guys rock!

Rocky Blondin says:

This is fantastic. Thank you.

Anthony Gillesse says:

Excellent presentation thank you

Frits Pater says:

Producer : how much wd40 do you need?

Mechanic : Yes

Kokoraki says:

I put everything back together with loctite and a 300 Nm impact wrench

neebotha77 says:

Great vids but please ditch the music

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