How A Rusted 1960s Volkswagen Beetle is Restored | Cars Insider

How A Rusted 1960s Volkswagen Beetle is Restored | Cars Insider

The co-owners of MetalMorphosis Customs, Cate and Rodney Culp, restore classic Volkswagens and install completely custom interiors. One of their newest builds, a 1960 Euro Beetle named Paisley, was built for a charity giveaway. Cate and Rodney explain the restoration process for Paisley and how they designed the custom vehicle.

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How A Rusted 1960s Volkswagen Beetle is Restored | Cars Insider



Stephen Moncrieff says:

The work on this is very impressive .

Volker Schulze says:

Beautiful restore, I love the Car much.

Norman Merrill says:

Very nice…How much $ ?

Mauro Boninsegni says:

Veramente bella complimenti

Tee Top says:

Beyond amazing. As a couple. You two are living the life❤️

Linda Wallace says:


Dave Doughty says:

Wow wow wow!!!! My dad had many Volkswagens over the years for a carpool going from New Jersey to New York City for 40 years. He had a 1967 bug that he rolled up over 400,000 miles on . None of his cars looked anything like yours, but he loved them. Your work is absolutely incredible. I like to see the women working on the cars. They bring many skills to the table! Your interior design work is simply astounding!! Keep it up and thanks for sharing this video!!

Tony Welch says:

Buyer: “will I need a trailer to collect?”
Seller: “nah, just bring a vacuum cleaner”

Cuttail says:

I recently just bought a 68’ sunroof bug!

Finn says:

what an incredible job. this must've been so much fun. i would love to fully restore a car like that someday.

Super Bear says:

Amazing craftsmanship! Beautiful work…

Jimmy Kucera says:

WoW… Quality….

daisykid3 says:

What an absolutely beautiful car!!!

Antonio Tiberi says:

Beautiful job

LeoFloresTV says:

Glad you gave it a second life!

osricen says:

I got a Brazilian Beetle ('81) corpse in my yard if you wanna take it to do something like this.

Jason Swearingen says:

Beautiful workmanship! Congratulations on a beautiful build!

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