Edd Explains How To Fix The Sunroof Of A VW Corrado | Wheeler Dealers

Edd Explains How To Fix The Sunroof Of A VW Corrado | Wheeler Dealers

Mike picked up this VW Corrado for only £1200, and it has a major problem with the sunroof. Edd shows us how to go about doing this tricky repair job.

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tom186i says:

I actually like Mike brewer, against what the internet says. But I watch Edd more. Who doesn't like watching a master at work.

Draxindustries1 says:

£1200 and Brewer is moaning about an oil leak, a grubby interior and an abs problem!
What more do some people want, its an old used car with a few glitches, nothing major.

brayden sinclair says:

Everyone who has ever owned a corrado has seen this? Am I right? Only 22k of us out there wow

Tom Heß says:

It helps me a lot! Thanks WD

Wickal Schaden says:

Let it flow into your mind:

1200 british pounds worth a corrado vr6?

My opinion: this times are far away from over!

Richard Smith says:

This episode is around 10 years old from 2010. If you try but a corrado vr6 now in the UK they are around £11,000 for a good one. I guess the car appreciated and prices are still rising

Santiago Marinovic says:

hi, link to buy repair kit please,thanks.

tnetroP says:

An amazing car.

But WD was never the same after Edd left.

Bruno Kniess says:

Vim pelo #faustino68

AvionicsGuru says:

Click here to subscribe when it's not even Edds face !, what's going on ?, surely that's a case of misrepresentation and plagiarism of someone else's work ie our good old Edd China the brains behind the program, not the poisoned dwarf.

Amanda González Hurtado says:

Hola!! Aquí dejo otro video de un corrado!


Hey Ed! Cool video. I hope you had fun working on that Moody girl.

DJ Hatstand says:

Still using Edd to drum up business, about time you gave him his own show

miguel de la vara says:


Steven Harper says:


This is my fix for the corrado sunroof

Alex T says:

5052 views and only 132 likes? People! We need to support Edd. Let's show some force.

Silverado_Denmark says:

Wait, i thought edd left wiener dealers 🙂

Alex Air Conditioning says:

I'm confused is this old reupload??

Master Steel says:

The picthure of ant its riducule,ant ansted looser

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