Classic VW BuGs How to Install LED Headlight Lighting Review Vintage Beetle Car

Classic VW BuGs How to Install LED Headlight Lighting Review Vintage Beetle Car

This is a short Review/How to tip on Installing the Vintage Car LEDs for your Classic VW or any Vintage Car. These LEDs can be picked up as a set all assembled at use the coupon code “classicvwbugs” to get 10% off.

$189.00 – $269.00
$149.00 – $329.00



_meanfox_ says:

Did they start flickering when installed?

Charles Borden says:

I need LED bulbs for 66 bug with a 12 volt alternator. I noticed the you said 67 and later. Will the vintage bulbs work?

shanes maine shop says:

I need those, thanks for sharing.

Andrew Soupene says:

Do you need to swap fuses to run these head lamps

Andrew Soupene says:

What fan cools the bulb ?

Jeff Magill says:

i bought some more modern LED ones that have blinkers built into the lights, they have two extra wires (probably for the blinkers) how would i connect them to where the blinkers would work ?

Stephen Hartley Brundrett says:

Stop saying bulb it's a dam headlight

Pete’s Life says:

Hello I have a 1973 Volkswagen thing we just picked up last week.

Does anyone here know how to actually operate the highbeams on this stock vehicle?

Thank you

Christopher Cole says:

From my experience, I can say some things have changed at Vintage LEDs since the last review five years ago…

Before ordering my model VCm3 headlights I called Vintage Car LED headlights to ask about the differences in their three levels of headlights they sell. I was told that the top two and most expensive tiers are if you have a show car and you care about how the style of the lens looks on the car in a car show environment. I explained that I have a driver level car and not a show car. They directed me to buy the “economy” headlights. I ordered a set of economy headlights from Matt McIntire at Vintage LED. 

Both headlights arrived with chips in one of the three points that typically protrude out from a 7” sealed beam headlight. I have ordered 7” headlights for decades and never experienced this issue. When I called to inquire to ask if they had any quality control for a product shipped from India I was told over the phone that “a certain amount of product that they sell is going to be damaged and that they are regularly sold under their “economy” category.” This was the owner, Matt McEntire’s written response: “The lenses you ordered with your kit are our "economy" product.  While they are imperfect visually, they have no performance flaws.  We sell them knowing that they have some visual flaws in order to be able to offer LEDS at the lowest price possible”. 

No where on their website did it state that the customer should expect “imperfect visual flaws”. When I again asked whether his company had any quality control over their product Mr McIntire responded “We do have quality control. In fact I personally inspected, tested and assembled the lights you received. If you would like a product that does not have any visual flaws, we have two other lens options that offer that, our classic and Hella lenses.” This tells me he knowingly sent me chipped headlight lenses while stating nowhere on his website that I should expect a damaged product, visually or otherwise.

I returned the headlights for a refund and asked if I would be refunded the $20 it cost me to return ship them since he knowingly sent me chipped headlights he stated “No sir, we did not refund your shipping cost. We also did not send you “damages” (sic) headlights. The lights you decided you did not want were as advertised and will be sold to another customer. This is a lie. They were not in fact advertised as “visually imperfect” as Mr McIntire suggests in his response to me. Instead of learning from this experience, Mr McIntire decided to perpetuate his misrepresentation of  damaged products to another unknowing customer. I’ve also noted I wasn’t charged a restocking fee, because both headlights were defective.

In subsecuente emails from Mr McIntire he became immature and disrespectful by sending me links to places where I should write reviews and giant smiley face emoticons with two thumbs up after learning that I was a dissatisfied customer who is out $20 for shipping for a product he systematically misrepresents. Needless to say, I will never do business with his company again. There’s a good reason why they don’t post reviews on their web page. There’s also plenty of other good vendors out there honestly representing their product.

Idrees Ghany says:

Are u using a generator or alternator ?

Lightthissoul says:

Old video but hey Chris what would you recommend this type of lights for a 63 housing???

Mike Lee says:

I own a few VW's that am slowly working on. Is the 65 beetle a 6 volt system? Also of the car in this video, did you have oncoming traffic flash you? My experience with LED bulb replacement is a high throw of light. Thanks

bug Den says:

wonder if they would fit in a berrien buggy frame for the lights ? the depth ,,,,,nice work

CajunHotRodder says:

all of those lens options are on back-order as on this post…

Julius says:

This was super useful thank you!

Steve says:

All nice and painted outside and rusting to shit under and behind the fenders smfh

Ryan's Fishing says:

What sites can i get 6volt headlights from

P F says:

This is straight up one of the best review videos of headlights ever. Thank you.

cecil lindsay says:

Where can I find these lights?

Hector Bernaldo says:

Will these fit on the splitwindow buses?

thomase13 says:

"They look very stock"

Holy shit; what a joke!

Steve Hines says:

Chris, what is the Kelvin-temperature rating. I like white headlights but would not like blue-white.

Steve Hines says:

Chris, you didn’t mention whether the LED headlights have a high beam. Also, we’d like to see it demoed in your video.

William Su says:

Is there any way to soften the light, I like being able to see but I don't like blinding other drivers

Felipe Gonzalez says:

Will these fit a 58 Beetle?

drumaganger says:

Are there LED's for turn signals and tail lights?

Richli Nacua says:

It 's cool. LED light as well can save power from the battery. Great works.

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