2009-2017 VW Intermittent AC Diagnosis and Repair | How to Fix Volkswagen Air Conditioner

2009-2017 VW Intermittent AC Diagnosis and Repair | How to Fix Volkswagen Air Conditioner

Hi guys, Today I’m going to share the 2009-2017 VW intermittent ac diagnosis and repair. To know how to fix the Volkswagen air conditioner watch the video till the end. This vehicle has an air conditioning problem where sometimes it just blows warm while other times it takes a long time to cool down. VW has a service bulletin addressing this issue. I will walk through the process of diagnosing the culprit and fixing the problem. Hope you guys this video will be helpful for you. Stay connected with “Valley Mobile Automotive” to get more videos regularly. Do LIKE, COMMENT, and SHARE. Don’t forget to hit the SUBSCRIBE button and the BELL 🔔 so that you never miss any updates. Thanks for watching 🙂

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Andres Diaz says:

About a month before this video I totaled my 2012 Jetta S. Same problems. One year A/C stopped working so replaced compressor control valve with cheap Chinese eBay one that cost about $19. It fixed the problem all summer then stopped working. Replaced valve with $80 AutoZone one and didn’t do anything initially then started cooling like a champ only to stop working three days later. Would intermittently work. Some days yes, others not. Eventually not at all.

Tried the TVX valve and didn’t help. Changed temperature sensor and nothing. Next I was going to try the orifice tube aka accumulator aka receiver/drier (decadent) but had the crash.

On a VW forum a guy replaced the compressor 3 times with two being OEM units and problem would return eventually. I may be remembering the details of the forum post wrong but I replied there with my story. I never had a leak and my refrigerant was always at correct level when I had a shop evacuate it. Don’t know if accumulator replacement would have fixed it but I doubt it.

A big problem is every time I tried a new part it required paying a shop to evacuate the refrigerant. No one near me would do it free. Well, one guy did it free then I had to pay him to refill. I have done that myself but wanted ac system to be full vacuumed to avoid future problems. Yes, I have a crappy home vacuum sucker. I’ll pass.

Barry Pugh says:

What brand of scan tool are you using?

Bruce Wayne says:

Just jetta qnd golf,eos? Vw up effected?

Jim Cox says:

I have a similar problem in that the AC system often does not function on the first drive of the day for 2-10 minutes, then kicks in and runs fine afterwards. Also, the cooling fan is operating at low speed until the AC finally kicks in. Is this more indicative of an electronic issue?

jonny z says:

thanks for posting – didn’t catch if this was 2.5l 5 cyl engine with automatic?

Umair Osman says:

Hello Valley, where are you guys located ? I have same exact problem

Seadawg says:

What brand of scan tool is that? Thanks for an informative video.

Jose L Rodriguez says:

I replace the AC Compressor Control Solenoid Valve and the ac worked fine for a week now it went back to work on and off. what would you recommend me to do next?

Musty Ali says:

Shouldn't the condenser be replaced also?

rugby says:

Cant watch video because of adds.

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