Your Toyota Engine Shuts Off On Turns? This is a HUGE RED FLAG!

Your Toyota Engine Shuts Off On Turns? This is a HUGE RED FLAG!

A Toyota Master Diagnostic Technician explains if your Toyota engine shuts off on turns you need to stop immediately and check the engine oil level!

Engine oil burning is an issue with extended oil change intervals. And even normal oil consumption can run your engine critically low on oil as you get closer to your oil change interval.

Checking your engine oil level periodically is very important folks! Make sure you check every few weeks. Takes 2 minutes could save you catastrophic engine damage.

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DumbledoreMcCracken says:

Oh no! I have a 2012 V6, but it doesn't burn any oil. 225k

Jasonbear says:

1:35 He hit the nail on the head! Love your channel and all your video's! I wish someone with Mazda knowledge did same type of channel. Not too many Mazda's out there I guess. Carry on. Jasonbear

abbas says:

Does this not have a low oil warning ?

Teal Tazmanian says:

The incorrect OIL and VISCOSITY can do exactly what happened here ( I didn't say this is the exact reason for this VAN but it is one cause and I've seen this in BMW's that come to my shop)…Why would anyone NOT USE factory recommendations?
EXAMPLE: I have a customer that owned a very nice 99 BMW and he took it to a fast oil change for a couple of oil changes. One day he was driving to work and the engine lost power and made loud knocking noises. He pulled over and had it towed to my shop. We did a Oil Pressure Test and it was WAY DOWN yet the crankcase was full. My Research showed that his BMW must use a Full Synthetic Oil. HE went to ask what oil they were using and it turned out they had used BULK standard oil every time and the cheapest oil filter possible.
Long story shortened now. He retained an attorney and sewed the lube center…They settled out of court with a lot of money and a brand new engine and shop labor.

PEOPLE, We ALL need to learn about our cars so we can PROTECT OUR INVESTMENT instead of always just relying on the quick service centers. If not then you risk the engine, drive-train ETC and other components needing replaced before their time…THOSE COSTS ARE ASTRONOMICAL.

I enjoy your channel and like how honest you put things for the lay person….I enjoy seeing an HONEST MECHANIC and makes me feel good about our services we provide. There are so man CROOKED shops and mechanics that don't know any better and just do sloppy and incomplete jobs that end up COSTING the very CUSTOMER they try to service…then they end up coming to shops like yours and mine for PROPER SERVICE.n I don't mean to come across as egotistical but only mention that because I know when some one is being hoest or blowing puffy smoke at others….YOU are not blowing puffy smoke in any of your information and instruction….I APPLAUD THAT IN YOU.

Shahrukh Bakar says:

AMD, can you please comment on the RTV issue clogging up the oil pickup tube on the 2022 GR86?

Phil Nguyen says:

You need to check engine and coolant level monthly before start it.

CJ Pamp says:

The oil is the life blood of your Vehicle. I change my oil every 6 months no matter how many miles I go

Joe Guzman says:

Back in 2005 my wife got a new sienna and she loved that Van like you won't believe, she kept it clean she used to say when I die the Van is going to die too – about 3 years ago we were planning to buy a new one but she got sick and we had to consented in her medical issue and let the idea go – we were married 40 years and last year she passed away and 2 months after that the Van transmission the AC and other stuff went out so I had to junk it because the repairs were more than the Van value, just like my wife said the van would go at the same time.

Toguro 100% says:

I like maintaining my own car, then I know how good the car is.
I used to drive a lot on my last job, have 367K miles on it now. synthetic oil and new filter every 5000 miles. original engine, trans, and catalytic converter.

Chuck R says:

They probably don't lubricate the door hinges either.

Jussi Kuusela says:

I had a Ferd that burned about a quart every 600 miles. And the mechanic said it is normal in that engine at 14 years and 225k miles, and there is little they can do with a price tag that couldn't buy me a newer and better designed car. This was the Focus C-Max from 2004, 1,8l gas engine. I had it for two more years, just changed oil every 6k miles and added a quart every 600. While it was not a bad car to drive, it was designed so that you had to take a lot of stuff apart for some of otherwise simplest repairs, and the engine would be notorious for fouling the piston rings to the point they no longer moved. Not yet a VVT or anything fancy that way. Despite the high oil consumption it always passed emissions and got a whopping 31 mpg.

Back here we drive our cars up to quite old and high mileage.

Maxfli82 says:

It’s the same stupid problem on Toyota 4 cylinders like my 07 RAV which burns oil. I agree Toyota is reliable but none of my other brand cars ever burned this much oil. I have to check it every week.

Frank Keel says:

I check my oil every day! Also leave my hood open to cool the engine and this keeps the USB e r Jose's

PandaMan says:

there was some oil on the dipstick, just the tip.

Eric L says:

If you do nothing else, change (at the recommended manufacturer interval) and maintain your oil levels at ALL times! Good God. There should be nothing in a person's life more important than that. Again, excellent video!

Brendan Reary says:

Since I have nothing better to do when I get fuel 90% of the time, I pop the hood and check my oil, coolant, and glance at the brake and power steering reservoirs. Then I walk around and give my tires the evil eye.

It takes all of two minutes, two minutes I’m waiting for the gas tank to fill anyway. My dad passed this habit on to me, and someday I will pass it on to my son.

Take care of your machinery and it will take care of you!

J T says:

I hate the dipstick on my sienna 2gr-fe it just seems so hard to get a good reading there always seems to have oil over the highest hole like the dipstick picks up oil in the tube…

CB1942EO says:

I had changed my oil at 5k 2 weeks ago. I had a crazy dream that i was driving and my tacoma and it started driving like shit and the oil had turned into burnt sludge. I woke up and this was the first video on youtube. I went and checked my oil and it was good and golden

richardhead3691 says:

my rule of thumb, check the oil every other fill up….unless you have a known problem….every fill up!!

chuckschilling says:

How were you able to start the engine without depressing the brake pedal? Are you a magician?

Lido D says:

I trust your opinion & would like your advise on a Lexus SC430, which year is the best? I've been told 2006 and later, but not before that, what's your take on that? I have a Solara 2004 & wondering if I should upgrade to the Lexus, cause it's prettier & should last longer given that it's V* but wondering if it's expensive to maintain.

Eric Wright says:

This is on another subject. I want to replace the license plate lights on a 2021 RAV 4 hybrid limited. Do I have to remove the whole inside panel on the lift gate door or can I do it an easier way. The interior lights have been replaced with led bulbs already and make a huge difference. Thanks

Creations 2022 says:

I keeping telling people on YouTube you just have to do your own changes. Or we need to make it easier to change the oil and the filter so no one has to lift their cars. Best to do your own oil change.

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