What's Inside a Toyota Seat? Surprise find?

What's Inside a Toyota Seat? Surprise find?

A Toyota Master Diagnositc Technician takes a Toyota seat apart to replace the seat cushion with a suprise find when the seat was apart!

In this video we continue our repair and diagnosis segment with another concern which is the seat cushion caving on this 2015 Toyota Highlander Limited.

We’ll take the seat apart to the frame, replace the seat cushion and while doing that we have a suprise find in the seat! It literally fell off the seat as I was taking it apart. It didn’t belong to the owner of the car so I called the bank and returned it so it can make it’s way to the original owner.

I’ll share some tips on how seats come apart. This is not a typical DIY job and takes a lot of paitence and practice however I did this video in a way so if you are taking the seat apart, you could follow it as a DIY guide.

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0:00 Intro
0:36 Seat Removal
1:55 Seat Disassembly
11:14 Suprise find?
13:40 Cushion Replacement
24:07 Reassembly & Installation



David G says:

I don’t like how you fixed the customers seat for a collapsed side support, then at the end of the video you sit directly on the side support…

Drunk Squirrel says:

You think learning Spanish is hard to fight with your wife? Try learning Japanese like I had to for my wife. Spanish is alphabet soup easy in comparison

Youtube Sucks says:

wow you really need a meticulous technician to perform this labor. if i had to do it, i'd just buy a new car

HumperMKB says:

Integrity and dedication

David Ticzon says:

You said the driver seat is the most dirty seat in a vehicle (and you find all kinds of stuff). I’m surprise you don’t wear gloves and disinfect the seat before working on it. Stay healthy my friend.

Colorado Boo says:

Ain’t no way I could’ve put that back together!! You are amazing!!

Chris Rock says:

I watched for 20 minutes, thinking to myself something is wrong with your camera, everything looks a bit blurry. Then realized youTube gave me a 480p feed, looks much better on my large 1440p monitor when its actually 1440p

Mr. Nonamanadus says:

Hey just an idea……

Since you have a lot of experience working on Toyota's how about an episode on how you would design a car.

For example ease of maintenance, switching out parts (avoiding dash pulls) or ergonomic design.

Discoveror says:

what a tedious complication! God bless ya – for your patience. Can you tell me what the seat-length is (inches)? … because with my 35 inch inseam, most seats support me out to the knee like a baseball bench i.e. no support from half-way out my thigh. Thanks …

Jodel Rajkumar says:

Hi, I’ve noticed when I turn off my hybrid and remove my keys I’m still able to roll down/up my windows for a few minutes after I shut down the car. However after about one minute after you hear the usual noises related to the brakes and so on It stops. Is this normal?

Mesayso Sothere says:

I have a 09 Toyota Avalon limited driver seat cushion leather needs replacement what do you suggest

Adam A says:

wow so good

Max Moore says:

My hands still hurt from all the seat heaters we replaced from the recall.

Daniel Forrest says:

How long did that take you? That you for the great channel, funny thing is that I don't even own a Toyota, but still enjoy learning ..

Mesayso Sothere says:

Hello, I’ve been watching you for a long time and just today I hit the button. I would like to say that you are a true for professional and people like you is what makes our country great. You were blessed with a great talent and a good heart. I look forward to watching you.

tndeere says:

I thought building that Camry engine was technical..That seat looks like an engineering marvel.

Hayk Samvelyan says:

I can only imagine explaining to a customer why the labor charge is so high on this repair. Unless they see it, it's hard to describe how complex it is. This seems like it's similar to a dashboard replacement or maybe even an engine-out job like the timing cover reseal. Great work as usual!

Vital Nomads says:

Hi AMD, any chance of you being able to retrofit a 2020 electric seat in my 2018 Tacoma? There would be a huge market for this for a person that could figure it out – if it’s even possible. Anyway, it’s the only thing I hate about my Tacoma. Another great video – thank you!

Sam Andrade says:

Looks like you gotta be an engineer to take that seat apart

Martin Lugus says:

This incredible tutorial was a study ethics as well. You teach much more than just mechanics.

Robert Hernandez says:

very happy for your information I'm new follower

Capn Pugwash says:

Really Impressed, any chance of re skinning a leather squab? Fancy a trip to Grenada? I messed up the leather squab of my Rav4 sitting in it after heavy work (several times) in plus 80 degrees, and not having a change of Tshirt to hand. Just do not trust our local dealership to do the Work. You can't even get proper Toyota panel clips, they only seem to sell Suzuki clips which means you have to drill out to make them fit making a rust trap or spend ages whittling them down to just about fit. Oh the joys of the Tropics.

Rob Mut says:

I think the previous owner must have been on the portly side.

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