Toyota's Reliability Secrets REVEALED

Toyota's Reliability Secrets REVEALED

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When the topic of reliability comes up, its doesn’t take long until the name Toyota is mentioned. Whether its million mile Tundras, indestructible Supras, your grandpas Corolla that just wont die even though the oil hasn’t been changed in 5 years. many manufacturers make a reliable car here and there or maybe and era of reliable cars, but few OEMs make as many tried and true cars as Toyota. So what’s their secret? in this video Nolan explains exactly what Toyota has done to make reliable car after reliable car. We take an in depth look at the concepts of Jidoka, Kaizen, and JIT. Don’t know what that means? then you’ve got a video to watch!

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Wee Woo says:

Watching this after my 97 Camry broke down

Darrin Keith says:

Pretty sure the drum brakes on the TACO are total SHIT

cømrⱥde 卄Ꭵcc says:

'secrets revealed' ….

Philip Wireko says:

toyota is the goat of the car industry.

Don Cheto says:

The air conditioning mold stank that the Toyota pretends doesn't exist is also very reliable. F Toyota

Aakash Khochare says:

Yeah yeah. If only Toyota had the same attention to detail with their airbags.

Fabio Monteiro says:

that is NOT what just in time means… just in time refers to not having large stocks of parts on a production line, they arrive from their suppliers "just in time" to be used, thus saving on storage and working capital needs

shea reeder says:

How did he not bring up the 4.7 2UZ v8. My first gen tundra is about to hit 300k runs like a dream!

Cosmic Turban says:

This is why I insisted that my wife and I got a Toyota. The things just don't break like everything else.

Nolan C says:

I have a 2019 tacoma and to be honest it has been a real stinker. The fuel pump nearly killing me aside. The sunglasses holder gets sunglasses caught routinely and has finally broken to where it is permanently open. The gear shifter spins freely, the padding inside the door handle wasn't glued down so got vacuumed up. The step to get into the bed of the truck broke when I stepped on it (I weigh 160) the movable tie downs were poorly built. The gas mileage is piss poor and the seat padding was worn out within 40000 miles. My Mini Cooper held up better over the same milage and driving patterns.

knowthinself says:

USA: Go BIG or go home!
Japan: Go RIGHT or go home!

Ahmanuel Wedi says:

4:01 ES not RX. Nolan ain’t have milk today. He need some milk.

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