Toyota's New V6 Engine Has Major Problems? What's Going On With It?

Toyota's New V6 Engine Has Major Problems? What's Going On With It?

Toyota’s New V6 Engine the V35A-FTS 3.4L engine hasn’t been behaving the best lately with many issues with knocking, Stalling and even complete failure leading up a recall. The Toyota owner community is not happy about this and concerned over the new era of Toyota Turbo Engine reliability.

In this video we will bypass the negatively and focus on facts and data to see what we can find. I’ll share with you some observations and information I was able to find hidden in plain sight. Share with you some of my previous experience working at a dealership and recalls. Finally an important message to affected owners and Toyota themselves!

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0:00 Intro
0:38 What is The Problem?
2:42 Is it Really Machining Debris?
14:20 Observations and Interesting Information
20:43 The Bad News
23:22 The Good News
26:26 How Will They Fix It?
33:44 Message to the Owners
36:43 Message to Toyota



@bytornsnowdog1347 says:

This is what I guessed also, that it might be an assembly problem with the procedure itself. But of course, that is just a guess.

@eddiea1213 says:

Very interesting. Thank you.

@user-hz5kb6bx4d says:

Love this guy, full of integrity, clarity and knows his stuff

@michaelwillis1440 says:

I owned a 2017 tundra and bought a 2022. Differences was massive. Mine has been great but realize issues happen. I tow and use my truck as a truck. You have really added some good mental insurance. Thank you

@stratochief99 says:

This is literally the only level headed, fact based, non-hyped, well explained video about the issue. Thank you. I admit, I fell into the negative hype like it was a black hole. I just bought my ‘24 tundra limited hybrid on Memorial Day and I’m in love with the truck.

My truck was built in March, so hopefully I steared clear of this problem. I do agree that Toyota needs to include the hybrid in the recall though. It’s the exact same engine, and we hybrid owners are at the same risk, but with no warranty to cover our butts, it still makes me nervous.

@MBoyer-ng6ok says:

Great video… along with the damaged engines, the reputation for quality is also at risk. Toyota should, along with eventual recall solution, also freeze payments (if through Toyota Credit), give lifetime warranty to the engine, offer free rental until repaired, and throw in cash (or just buy them all back for full price paid). The reputation is really at risk and they will have to come through strong to restore the car buying public's faith.

@jasonvandervalk3679 says:

I bought a 2017 toyota tacoma trd off road last june absolutely love it! I saw your video about it. I aways appreciate how clear and to the point you are. Alot of people appreciate your honesty this what the world needs more of

@jaysonyang1441 says:

Anyone remember the is250 2.5 v6 that was a shit show

@mikee7070 says:

I'm glad I'm not the only one talking with technical about doing a long block. It's the only safe way. It's too much of a risk for TMC to do a short block only

@SSJH-jg1xg says:

Serious question: I have an LS500 which has a turbo V6 engine related to the ones mentioned above. Why is it just the trucks?

@justinsnyder6881 says:

An early oil change may clear the debris. Break in oil changes might help. Waiting until 10k to change oil which may have debris is a recipe for disaster.

@noxnyc23 says:

I will suggest a simple fixed . Air oil separator installed .. you can thank me later Toyota lol…

@juelzm149 says:

Thank you for this video! And thank you for your comments at the end!

@frank8870 says:

Does the partial engine assembly include new turbos as well? I don’t think those things would like debris floating in them either.

@kharma1283 says:

Toyota doesn't have to start from scratch with a redesign. They simply need to find room under the hood for the bulletproof 5.7V8 they've made for 16+ years.

@videomaniac108 says:

I wonder if used oil analyses done on this engine prior to failure might have provided some clues as to what might have been going on, like excessively high levels of wear metals of the type that the bearings were made of.

@todddarnell7839 says:

Don’t forget that the Sequoia has the same engine in it. All of those are the hybrid versions. I know several people who are starting to have engine problems in the Sequoia. I have one that was made in October of 23 ( an early 24 model). I am scared to death that it will fail just like we are seeing in the other engines.

@thechuckster6838 says:

Wow, no one is ever going to give us this type of detail! Kudos to you for spending the countless hours investigating the probable causes that can lead to the actual failure. I was one of those poor bastards who got taken by Lakewood Toyota with the up charge of a 2021 Tacoma. I only have 14k on it and I'm now losing sleep thinking about the Tundra problem possibly affecting the Tacoma. I'm so distraught over the up charge and the smell of gas coming from the engine that I will not get rid of my 2003 Tacoma with the 3.4 engine with over 200k on it. Thanks for putting this together, and good luck with your Tundra.

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