Toyota Tundra Engine Quietly Refreshed? Did Toyota Fix their Engine Failure Problem?

Toyota Tundra Engine Quietly Refreshed? Did Toyota Fix their Engine Failure Problem?

Did Toyota just quietly refresh the Tundra Engine to fix the main bearing failure issue? Time will tell.

Care Care Nut Video:
Toyota Tech Video:

00:00 – Intro
00:32 – New 2024 Tundra Engine Parts
02:23 – Toyota Technicians Upset
03:58 – More Tundra Engine Failure Stories
07:09 – Crazy 2024 Tundra Sales Numbers
09:17 – New Tundra Buyers



@TheCarGuyOnline says:

Do you think these refreshed parts will fix the Tundra engine? Are you surprised how well they are selling despite the recall?

@MsAce0424 says:

I love toyotas. I'veowned a hanful. I fell in love with the tundra when i test drove it. I also heard of the failures. I researched all of 1/2 tons and the mid size trucks. I ended up looking into nissan. I got a frontier pro4x. I almost looked into the titan. Really, both are naturally aspirated. Frontier 310 hp. Reliable drive train. That 5.6L titan we all (who doesn't forget nissan) , know that 5.6 is Reliable. Titan is legit the ONLY half ton, not having engine failure rates. Most everyone forgets about those trucks. Others compare them to their cars , which have CVT issues. These trucks don't have CVTs. I know you know this. But i hope people read this and consider the titan for a half ton before it's gone after this year. Consider the frontier for a mid size.

@Johno530 says:

Good video. Record sales are because it’s just the internet freaking out. Normal people are not online looking at this. They see a screaming deal on a new truck, they get it. All manufacturers have recalls. Think the big three don’t have recalls. Omg. They are laughable compared to Toyota. Toyota will get there shit together and fix the problem. All companies have rough times.

@GardylooAlaska says:

Do you own a Tundra or just fanning the flames?

@miltonaliff3316 says:

I just found the tundra I want, but afraid to go through the deal due to research,maybe a gmc, I don’t know.

@mitchrothermel8157 says:

Nope to the big 3 especially CHEVROLET. 2024 1500LT 5.3L changed oil at 690 miles the oil filter clogged up with aluminum chip! JUNK!

@AbouTto_ says:

In those forums, most ppl are rude about anything.

@sooner5396 says:

I’m still seeing more and more brand new Tundra’s on the road. I just don’t think that many people know about the recall issues.

@clarencemckimmy9437 says:

Just bought my 2nd 3rd Gen, love it, didn’t trade because of the engine issue, traded because I wanted the 1794 LE. GREAT TRUCKS

@s.j.5850 says:

By the way, warranty work pays less than off-warranty repairs. If Toyota tries to cheap out with rebuilding those engines who is going to do the machine work on them if the cylinder (for example) is out of spec? Ticked off techs getting stuck with a flat-rate job that takes many hours to complete – good luck with making 40 hours flat-rate for the week. Any techs cutting corners out there with this one?

@markf8256 says:

Yes, all the “big” 3 have specific engine or transmission issues over the past 5 years. It’s a luck of the draw. My particular Toyota dealer has treated me well with past Toyotas. I can’t say that for the Chevy and GMC dealers I dealt with from the late 90s thru 2015.

@thomast803 says:

The guy that traded his 2nd gen tundra for the new one doesn't realize the mistake he made. That's one problem with some people these days, they have to have the newest and shiniest thing. That 5.7 would've lasted way longer than the TTV6.

@sonofliberty92 says:

These trucks are so ugly. Why did they have to make that hideous body style

@petrov99999 says:

I have 2024 tundra bought in April. It is the best car I’ve had so far. In particular turbo engine is super awesome. You get the power instantly and quietly without the feeling you are taking off in a rocket ship . V8 is a total nonsense at this point. Mileage is 16.8 miles per gallon. 3d camera is super awesome as well. I would definitely prefer it to big 3 , however if I buy today I would wait a few months for Toyota to sort this out

@billymania11 says:

In one fell swoop, Toyota trashed their reputation for reliability. It's a case study is doing everything wrong in the eyes of the public.

@jimf.625 says:

Never buy the first release of a new redesign of any vehicle from any manufacturer. Period. Don’t even consider it until at least the third or fourth year. Thank me later.

@pickin6strangs says:

Wow talk about blowing things way out of proportion, you mustve been burned bad by Toyota or are most likely paid by competitors?? Anyways call me a roulette player but I love my 2024, the huge discount, awesome warranty and IF that does happen Toyota has a history of standing behind their product. So with all that said, Ill take my chances. All vehicles have recalls and break down.

@e30ogPlayground says:

Going forward, this is Toyota… :O

@blj_1970 says:

I am done with Toyota, bought a 24 Jeep Rub X intead.

wouldn't even think about buying a new Tacoma or Tundra.

I have owned 2 Tacomas and 1 Tundra.

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