In today’s video we take a look at a 2012 Toyota Sienna w/ a 3.5l V6 engine. The customer complaint is that the air conditioning is not blowing cold. Using a scan tool we find a code B1422 Compressor Lock code stored in the ac amplifier module. Follow along as I give you tips for diagnosing and troubleshooting a/c clutch problems on your Toyota.
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arnulford66 says:

Did not win the Think Diag give away so I bought one on Amazon , but "big hairy but" forgot about Eric's coupon code.

Martin04 says:

Awesome vídeo.
Always look forward to your vídeos

Angus Alamezie says:

Dodge viper?

Comfort Zone says:

Send it to Ivan @ PHAD for no parts required repair. I feel it should have been fixed not replaced though.

Frank McDonough says:

That purple thing looks familiar.

Suleman Habib says:

Thank u my boss (A.L.A) for your diagnosis, good work.Habib Auto warching u all day way from Ghana Accra West Africa

Fred Salter says:

Dang. Replaced a perfectly good compressor just because of a loose wire. That sucks. Hopefully they will rebuilt the "old" unit and resell it. Great video, though sir!

38911bytefree says:

How is the Viper doing Eric ?. Would be nice if you could do an update.

Soeveth says:

I just love your no nonsence logical troubleshooting. Im not a car guy but i work with computers and ive come to realize troubleshooting is a skill that transends fields. As long as you canbreak the problem down logically.

Ganesh Narayan says:

Great work Eric keep in bringing more videos love your videos. very entertaining.

Skin Lab says:

Why would you close the door for a child rather than encourage it to do it on its own? It's younger and capable.

North country Auto diagnostics says:

Your son will always remember,going to work with dad.. keep up the good work.. I always like your videos .

Richard 1 says:

That compressor has the rear electronic control solenoid valve which is also a troublesome solenoid to diagnose. Great job diagnosing the A/C. Thumbs Up

G. Malone says:

Thanks for the diagnosis Eric! Honorably seen is the Viper! lol

RonKris says:

Replaced the compressor clutch on my 04 Mini. Ebay had the clutch for $29. Mini wanted $900 to replace the compressor

James Rudolph says:

Awesome problem solving , a methodical approach with logic , nicely done

Richard 1 says:

I took my son on a Mobile service as well my friend. Children keep you busy. Great Diagnostic work. Richards "Mobile" Auto and Air

fratalia says:

Hello have a ? for you I am looking at the Topdon Phoenix plus vs Thinktool Pro. What is your view on the two scanners to buy. I have not found a side by side comparison. Thanks

scott says:

That sienna has the outdated mag clutch relay, toyota came out with a different relay which was Grey in color. The old off white color relay overheats and shuts down the a.c. system.. common on all camrys older corollas and siennas

Timz Auto says:

Great job,I do this all day everyday,people don't realize how much goes in to diagnosis a A/C problem,just today I fixed a Dodge and a Chevy Traverse with bad TIPM's,no power to the a/c relay's,just remember don't overlook the basics,lol..

iamBEERUS says:

I have 99 toyota camry that does the samething i was cheking it the other day and noticed that when i spun the clutch with a screwdriver it would kick on now i just turn it off and on untill it kicks in…im going to che the wires next i was already going to order a new clitch…

Bill Rimmer says:

Great diagnostic path!! Good to c the Launch. I Think Launch is getting jealous of all the attention Think is getting. I have the Diagun. So far I don’t c the need to buy the Think. Both seem to b excellent tools.

gil ron says:

Very good diagnostics process 🙂 good video

Roxanne Abbott says:

So cool Eric, no pun intended, lol!!!

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