TOYOTA OWNERS! PLEASE Don't Make These Mistakes With Oil Filters!

TOYOTA OWNERS! PLEASE Don't Make These Mistakes With Oil Filters!

Dear Toyota owners,

I get so many questions about oil filters varying from which filter to use to viewers commenting they don’t like the canister style filter to conversions kits and everything in between.

I made this video combining all the information you need to know about Toyota and Lexus oil filters. This information comes from experience.

I really hope it helps you better understand things before you make changes to your engine’s delicate lubrication system.

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0:00 Intro
0:37 Different Styles of Filters Available
1:25 Which Filter Type Is Best?
5:17 Pros and Cons of Each Type
7:30 Canister\Cartridge Filter Information
16:05 Things you should NEVER do!
19:03 Conversion to Spin On?



tjmafia100 says:

I damaged my canister with a cheap removal tool from Amazon it gets stuck and doesn’t fit right when removing/tightening, what brand tool do you recommend for a 4cyl 2014 Camry , Thanks

HFVidShotz says:

I am in a crunch for cash, so I was going to cheap out on the filter. I noticed all the lower cost filters were shorter, I thought, that ain't right. I now that size matters. I'll stick with the correct Toyota filter and pay the extra $2, will save me in the long run. Thanks for the info in this video. You are the best help regarding my Tacoma. Thank you AMD!!!!!

AlphaKilo says:

I have always been amazed at people that purchase a Toyota vehicle because of the inherent quality. Then the same folks are willing to put non-Toyota filters, engine oil, windshield wipers, etc. in their vehicle "to save money." Same for other parts. You bought a Toyota. It only makes sense to maintain it with Toyota parts. With rare exceptions, as AMD describes in previous videos. Just my .02.

Esyraq Ekram says:

Basically, don’t f it up. If it works, it works.

Richard Shoat says:

Very helpful. Thank you again.

Samuel says:

I had the canisters on my 98 and 00 civic. Now with a 2013 Corolla, I have the cap. Don’t have any issues with either of them and both are easy oil changes. I actually prefer the cap, as it’s reusable, so instead of throwing away a whole canister each time, it’s just a filter. The cap is not as inconvenient as people make it out to be. It is literally THE exact same process, except you just replace the filter, instead of throwing it away. Don’t even know why there’s debate around it, I could care less with either one.

Lujin Custom Cars says:

The only conversion I’d do, is on the 2zr. But Toyota sells that kit.

I’m guilty of wanting more filter. I stick with WIX/NAPA, but I like to buy taller spin-ons.

Frank Biz says:

Great information, my 08 Highlander has the canister and it can be a pain, but I would never modify it and always use OEM filters and change oil every 5k with full synthetic. 230k and is perfect.

Jason Cotellessa says:

Spin-on filters are king. I despise canister.

Whateva says:

Hell,I buy Denso filters for my Hondas just because they seem to be well made,also buy Bosch,Wix and Mahle just to compare the quality of them.

JiuJitsuForAll says:

Wow, great informative video! I thought I knew about oil filtration, boy was I wrong!

Jon Kimber says:

Hi I really like your channel very informative.
We have just purchased a 2022 Toyota Rav 4 .
Please could you advise if it’s ok that the engine turns off and goes into hybrid mode after climbing a 1km steep driveway and doesn’t get a chance to idle down.
Many Thanks

Fred S says:

Ok Ok Ok you win. I was hating the plastic filter housing and was thinking of converting to aluminum or changing to the spin on filter for my 2020 4runner. So thank you for the great advice of sticking to the original housing. I am thinking of buying a skid plate that has a oil filter cover. Thanks for passing on all your good advice. You keep a 62 year old motivated to keep working on my cars.


Toyota tech…..just telling the truth. Just like Toyota likes…………..TOYOTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Edgar Guillen says:

@The Car Care Nut I have an important question. Bought my 2022 Toyota rav4 hybrid brand new in June of this year. Looking to do my first oil change since 6 months is coming up and I usually go by the 6 months or 5k miles whichever comes first on my cars. Do you recommend I do the same on this vehicle? Also I have toyota Care free maintenance for the first 2 years, do you know if that covers ALL oil changes within those years or only if I change it on the recommended factory every 10k miles to sum it up I'm trying to figure out of toyota Care covers 2 oil changes per year so I can do that for the first two years. Not a big deal if it doesn't but just wanted to ask.

Tony Lam says:

I suspect the main reason Toyota switched to the canister type filter is to save money. Now you just replace the filter and no metal can to throw out. The thing that upset me is , the canister filter cost more than the old can type filter, a rip off. You used the word "overkill" then you went on ahead and recommend people to change the oil every 5000 miles.(8000 km) when Toyota recommend we change the oil at 9320 miles (15000 km) You are talking about synthetic oil that cost twice as much as regular oil. An oil filter change interval is part educated guess. As long as the filter have enough pores not blocked, and is not falling apart, that filter is serviceable, but we cannot tell easily. A newer car , you can stretch the filter change intervals. Some fuel filter use clear plastic so you can see the condition. For decades, Gm recommend users 7500 miles oil change intervals and change the filter every second oil change. (non synth oil)

geecrawdad says:

Tightening the oil filter housing to18 ft lbs is no problem. But getting it off is a good upper body workout.

Jack Lo says:

Question, would you recommend to use a TRD oil filter over OEM?

Also, how long would an unused, new OEM filter last?

fideau one says:

Son has a Tacoma. I hate the damn cannister filter. After he had changed his oil a couple of times, I cut a hole in his skid plate. At least Toyota should have included a removable plate in this really stupid set up.

Coach George Ferran says:

Thanks again Ahmed.

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