Toyota making strange noise diagnosis.

Toyota making strange noise diagnosis.

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Dustin Tunis says:

Was the jack stand even touching the frame? Maybe it was the angle, but I thought there was a gap.


Ernest- You can clearly see, those are nut-to-bolt.
I'd go ahead, snap off both. Dorman replacements are less than $10 + a Donut-gasket
to seal. Always coat exhaust donuts/gaskets with copper anti-seize before installation.
Dorman Exhaust Manifold Bolt & Spring 03128
and don't forget the gasket/donut.


Thank you for the video, Ernest.

Steven W Doolittle says:

There is a gasket there. Replace it!

Sheldon K says:

You provide a great service. The rest of us in the other 49 states need for you to move around once a month to get to us all lol. But seriously think about it. I tried this type of service where I live here in Jersey and they don't come out for certain things. Such as anything tune up relating. It's not like I'm asking them to swap an engine or trans out of the car.

Topher D says:

That little 6-9 inch ratchet will never budge those even if you’re Superman. You either need a breaker bar.. 1/2 impact .. or.. send them to a shop where they have the supplies necessary if something goes wrong. And half the time it does go wrong on spring bolts.

johnaclark1 says:

Just needs a donut gasket, Earnest. Penetrating oil and clean the end of those threads up with a wire wheel before removing and you may actually get them out. When you said you were going to tighten them up I knew that wasn't going to work. The springs are there to keep a certain tension on the connection without locking it down completely. That pipe should be able to move around on the donut gasket. Donut gasket is worn out.

Franco says:

I agree with Chris, donut gasket.. I usually just cut off those bolts, they’re not that much from the dealer.

Bryan Fugate says:

Ernest: Great video, hey school busses that is what I drive 5 days a week..

Chris Pappas says:

It sounds like the donuts gasket is gone

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