Toyota EGR Diagnosis Tips and Repair Tips

Toyota EGR Diagnosis Tips and Repair Tips

A Toyota master diagnostic technician shares Toyota EGR diagnosis tips and repair tips for models equipped with the latest generation EGR ( Exhaust Gas Recirculation)

In this video I start a new segment in my channel on how professional mechanics approach diagnosis. The key aspect of any diagnosis and repairs start with the 3 Cs. Concern, Cause and Correction.

First we will look at the concern which in this 2010 Toyota Prius. The concern in this case is a vibration or shudder at low speed\low load when the gasoline engine is running.

I will show you how to isolate the EGR system temporarily to verify that it is indeed the cause of the problem with this Prius.

I’ll also cover the differences between professional mechanic approach to repairs vs. DIY approach to repairs. The car being a customer car changes the approach. Most DIY mechanics will understand that some repair attempts on a budget might be short term or can have a nature of trial and error and are willing to deal with issues not getting resolved right away because they are not incurring labor charges.

However in the case of professional car repair customers pay mechanics full labor cost to fix the car right the first time. So the approach of diagnosis and repair recommendations can be different than DIY. Mechanics can’t make decisions for customers, They can only recommend options and detail the outcome of each so the customer can make a decision.

In this video I’ll show you the process of diagnosis and repair of this EGR system in this 2010 Prius. The owner opted to replace the EGR valve and the intake manifold. I also constantly see folks spending far too much time cleaning the ports, the cooler and the valve to a shiny finish but only to have them covered in soot minutes after starting the engine which is normal.

Along the way I will share some mechanic tips on general car repair like making your own magnetic socket.

Also last I will cover the part of this EGR repair that most DIY mechanics miss which actually resolves the problem with the EGR. Simply cleaning or replacing parts does not complete the repair unfortunately.

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0:00 Intro
0:49 The Concern
3:17 Diagnosis Tip
6:14 Professional VS. DIY repair
13:09 The Repair
18:50 Mechanic Tip
20:53 Software Update



Cheng Yang says:

Sideways update mean dealer fuck up. And you paid for

Lexus Man says:

At last the definitive guide on how to do this from a master.Some of these other videos are shocking and shouldn,t be followed.I must say this job is way more easy to do on a Lexus CT as there is so much room and no need to remove half the body like on a Prius (haha).I believe the same applies to the Lexus as well with TSB,s but here in the UK we don,t have this problem for some reason.I wouldn,t just clean an EGR its a waste of time just like you said or even the cooler.The only part thats worth a clean is the pipe from EGR to manifold if its clogging but thats it.Great video my friend and a job well done.Would love to see more of these.At least we get peace of mind if you,ve done it the correct way.Thankyou as always.


Elect tape on the socket, great tip!

Burntbisquit763 says:

Are the 2GR-FE pretty reliable? Common issues on them?

kemar lawrence says:

My dad has an 2009 Toyota Camry limited edition with an
2 AZ-FE engine but it has throttle delays and an check engine light . Relating to the check engine light we have tried clearing the codes by a few days-weeks it is back again, checked spark plugs, sensors changing the oil, brought it to professional mechanics and still couldn't find the problem so l left this comment in case you have any advice the engine runs fine otherwise.

firebir11 says:

Not to mention if they pay you labor to try and clean an EGR valve and intake manifold you may as well replace them and be done with it. You won’t have to wonder if it works right.

L. Chow says:

Great info!!!!

Robert Parkes says:

More videos like this please

GeekDIYMechanic says:

I totally agree with you about always replacing a part. In a shop setting or doing work on the side, it never works out on my side to clean the part. I don't ever get come-backs when I replace the part. The initially client complains about the cost, but they always return to me again since that last issue they brought to me was fixed the first time.

Thank you for doing these videos. I know they are time consuming. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience.

Al Beklik says:

I got a question for you what does EGR do?

Al Beklik says:

EGR only works under light acceleration or acceleration does not open when engine is idling.

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