Toyota 3.5L V6 Water Pump Replacement: Removing engine not required!

Toyota 3.5L V6 Water Pump Replacement:  Removing engine not required!

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Step-by-step on how to replace the water pump in a 2007-2010 Toyota Sienna. This is the 2GR-FE engine found in the Toyota Avalon, Camry, RAV4, Lexus, Highlander and others. This will also help you if you need to just replace the thermostat.

Keep in mind, I am not a certified mechanic, just a hobbyist who enjoys working on cars.



Pooby1000 says:

THIS is how you make an instructional video on youtube.

Kaiptai Boeg says:

But what about the Camry xv40? same process?

Rick P. says:

Its not in details.

Jameson redbreast says:

What is going on at 3:28? If you remove the bumper?

Chris P. Bacon says:

Watching in 2021. Very well done tutorial.

Michael Andal says:

06 Sienna are the same procedure

Epic iTunes says:

At least the pump is not internal and is running from the accessory belt insread of the timing chain like Ford.
Good luck if you have an expedition, explorer, edge, Taurus and everything else in between. I hate Ford just because of this reason. Thanks for the video

Vladimir Goncharenko says:

Huge help. Now I know how to replace tensioner pulley instead of the whole tensioner:)

iqhlas hossain says:

How much is 2017 Toyota Highlander xle water pump ?

Steven Bobbitt says:

Thank you so much for providing this video. I just performed a water pump change on my 2008 Toyota Highlander after watching your video and I couldn't have done it without your help. You saved me $1800! Thanks!!

Dc2 says:

Do you remember how many gallons of coolant you needed to add back in?

Land Shass says:

3:18 Don't mix the pullies, the tensioner pulley is different.

kubanskiloewe says:

nice, perhaps i have to do this on my Lexus V6 Hybrid one day 🙁 I suggest using always a thin film of grease on the gaskets and o-rings for easy fix them into place and easy slippery.

motokev says:

great video, can see clearly

fw1421 says:

Why don’t you replace the thermostat and idler pulleys while you’ve got it apart,they do go bad and you save yourself work down the road?

Daniel Revo says:

How long did this job take you ?
Is this the same as rx350 ?

Hallie Rojas says:

Hi video didn’t show putting it all back. !
We are lost trying to get belt back on!
2015 model Sienna

Robert Wynkoop says:

Mine only made it to 79,000. Surprised it did not last longer. Thanks for the video, saved me some head scratching.


Cách thay bơm nước động cơ toyota 3.5 v6 rất chi tiết và cụ thể ,cảm ơn bạn đã chia sẻ video

stasioser123 says:

Awesome video!

Aaron Bruckelmeyer says:

This is an excellent video, thanks for posting it. Can the serpentine belt be replaced without removing the motor mount and jacking up the engine? The dealership wants $200 for just replacing the serpentine belt, it seems to me like it should come off and go on with just the use of the sero belt tool i the video…

Si me entiende vlogs says:

what a video. you deserve way more subs.

G F says:

You mention raising the engine with a block of wood under the oil pan. Is removal of the upper mount enough or is there a lower mount that also needs to be disconnected. Also how did you tighten the waterpump pulley bolts without the serpentne belt connected ?

G F says:

Did you apply sealant to any of the bolts ? I have read elsewhere that some bolts go through a waterjacket. If you applied sealant , what specifically did you use. Thanks, great video.

William Laird says:

Just did this job today on a 2010 Highlander. It was pretty tight getting the engine mount bracket out and it took a while to get the pulley/water pump out. We changed out radiator, hoses and thermostat also. It was a big job. Most of our curse words came from the water pump portion of the job. Anyways, thank for the video, sure beats lifting the engine out!

Rob Bray says:

So at 1:36.. how do you get the mounting bolts for the torque mount bracket off? They are 10" long and interfere with the body, A/C lines, and ABS lines on a 2015. I see this happened over an edit, so was wondering if it was a particular PITA.

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