Top 5 Problems Toyota Camry Sedan XV30 5th Generation 2002-06

Top 5 Problems Toyota Camry Sedan XV30 5th Generation 2002-06

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This video is all about the XV30, the 5th generation of the Toyota Camry in the United States, which was available model years 2002 to 2006. In this video, Andy explains some of the most common problems you might find with the Camry of this year range. He also offers suggestions on how to fix or repair them yourself!

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Dogunbound hounds says:

What about the stripped head bolts problem

FZR650 says:

Question: 2003 Camry stalls after warm up. No check engine light or codes coming up.
The car was doing great until one day my area had an outside temperature of 113 degrees.
Any ideas?

S M says:

Do the V6 engine Camry's (2003) have the same high mileage reliability as the 4 cylinders? I had an 01 v4 that I got rid of at 320k, not because it was dead but because I had enough vehicles already and was offered a dirt cheap 03 V6 that I'd like to keep around as a Summer vehicle. It's got 194k (which doesn't scare me for the price), but can I expect the same reliability? A coworker that was a Toyota tech for 15 years looked it over and said it didn't need anything besides minor things, but we never touched on the difference between the 4 and 6 cylinders.


Love my camry

Stevespecs says:

Having owned one with no issues what’s so ever, for 10 years until given to my son, who has no clue on how to take care or a car., was the 2nd best Toyota I have owned.
My best is an old 4 runner, still going strong, best vehicle ever manufactured!!!!!!!!!

rooster sideburbs says:

is that just surface rust

Konstantinos Tselios says:

My daughter's 2006 camry with 225k miles doesn't want to break down

Bose Clara says:

My camry is consuming oil. I go out return back then the next day it wont guage..
Please whats the causes?

Brad Hampton says:

Great video and explanations. Very informative! Thx

Gary Beltrand says:

That generation of Camry's are some of the highest quality vehicles ever made. It doesn't look like anything impressive, but it's perfect in all ways that matter. The 4 cylinder in that model has perfect level of power for normal driving while still being decent on gas, and they seem to run forever. I bought my 06 for about 3K, incredibly reliable car.

3D Gun Guy says:

03' camry v6 135,000 miles. Still runs like it did in feb. 2003

Galvao galvao says:

Many thanks Sir!, Awesome video.

Old Heathen says:

2005 2.4 5 speed standard. I got 181K on it. Runs great! Got it 4 years ago for cash. 3,300.00 after tax! Since I installed tires, a battery, a alternator, a slave cylinder and accumulator for the clutch, gas, oil and a light bulb! I put 30K on in 4 years and am very happy with my used Toyota!!!

Danny Gallagher says:

So how does a 2004-2006 canary solara with the 3.3 V6 compare to this? Similar issues?

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