THIS is Toyota's Worst Engine Ever Made! But Is It Really THAT Bad?

THIS is Toyota's Worst Engine Ever Made! But Is It Really THAT Bad?

In this video we take a close look at what’s often called Toyota’s worst engine ever made. The 2AZ-FE with it’s infinite oil burning problems.

It is a matter of fact from experience and testimony of those who own this engine that it got really bad press because of a single problem which Toyota actually dealt with but still.

The 2AZ-FE Had a rough start into life in 2002 then when it got updated in 2007 things went from bad to worse. But actually a surgery type repair to this engine easily turns it into one of the best most reliable engines that Toyota Made.

In this video we tear into a 2012 Toyota Corolla XRS ( Canadian Model ) to repair the common issue with oil burning with the 2AZ-FE which earned it the worst engine name.

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0:00 Intro
0:44 History of the 2AZ-FE \ Engine Removal
8:16 Engine Out Tour
10:11 Repair Information
13:31 Why it burns oil and what’s the fix
33:41 Cost\Information and Reassembly
37:37 Engine First Start



Len Packer says:

Brilliant video super impressive skills set

John Reid says:

You’re right the nachos was a good touch.

david leung says:

just wondering the repair cost would buy another car

kclefthanded 427 says:

As long as there's a solution, some bad engines can be forgiven

Dan Bosovich says:

I bought my 2007 Camry new and it has this engine, I never received a recall notification on this issue and was wondering if there are others that didn’t get this repaired because of not being notified? Around 2 years ago I was getting oil changed and it was down 2 quart’s of oil since then I have been adding oil which is a real pain? Has anyone gotten a compression test? Not sure car is worth putting more $ into it.

michael close says:

false the 1kd-ftv is the worst toyota engine ever made.

oldskool says:

1980s and early 90s tercel engines were the worst !

Spanky Ham says:

I would never have thought the pistons had to be replaced as well as the rings. You do great work and as a Toyota lover I sure do appreciate and share your passion for their engines and build quality even if rust has taken its hold. I am glad to see you assemble an engine with oil and not assembly lube. I never understood lube when oil is the natural lubricant the bearings see anyway.

Todd Giambruno says:

Thank you AMD! Excellent video! My daughter has a 2007 2.4 Camry. Her engine received this work performed at our Toyota dealer at 85,000 miles. This car has 125,000 now and does not use ANY oil. She changes her oil and filter at 5000 miles and has taken good care of this car.

Dicofol says:

Very interesting and detailed video thanks for sharing and educating us!

John Kenneally says:

Fantastic video. Love Toyota engineering and you are a true engineer.

dawhike says:

I also switched to 0-20 SAE Pennzoil Ultea Platinum. Should I go back to 5-30 SAE?

christine85 says:

I had a 2007 tC that bit the dust two weeks ago. (Owned it for 15 years) Car was excellent and wanted to keep it forever. Dealer maintained so it’s well documented. Dealer wanted to charge $5,500 to rebuild the engine. I ended up purchasing fresh off the truck 2022 RAV4 XLE.

TM says:

My customer's camry has 400,000 plus km on it. But it's burning oil now. Still going

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