The Worst Toyota to Buy

The Worst Toyota to Buy

The Worst Toyota to Buy

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5. Dash Cam (Every Car Should Have One):
6. Basic Mechanic Tool Set:
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@scottykilmer says:

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@jayhockley8841 says:

Nah , My 2005 Scion Tc w 2.4 Runs fine buy my 2007 Tc burned oil .

@RoyalStreetEnt says:

What about 2013 scion ?

@scottyellis3442 says:

Any Toyota made today.

@garryt4443 says:

How do you tell the difference between oil and gas soot in the tailpipe

@TalooshDaBoss says:

What about the variable lift 2zz in vibe gt, matrix xrs, corolla xrs, and celica gts?

@user-js9uy7il7v says:

My scion transmission blew I forgot to ever change the fluid

@applianceman6009 says:

Toyota making mistakes. Look at the Tundra!!!!!

@rocky-jj8dd says:

All four cylinders are oil burners. Four-cylinder is the worst engine it.

@byg2na249 says:

Go figure, this is my parent’s first car of choice for me. I told them I liked the car and I would get home and research it before I bought it. I found out that it was an oil burner!! Then walked out front to tell my parents and I saw it parked in the driveway. They had bought the car for me, little did they know, they had just bought me an oil burning money pit. Dear parents of teens searching for cars, PLEASE do the research or have your kids do the research before you spend money on a piece of junk with a good name on it! And yes, I appreciate their gesture, but now they wont let me get rid of it because its “their car” and I’m stuck with an oil burner with rust on the frame, and obvious damage from a previous accident that completely bend and snapped the front frame bar and radiator mount in half.

@master6435 says:

The 2azfe is not a bad engine it is just a maintenance heavy engine that you have to change the oil on time and check the oil every time you get gas that engine only blows up if maintenance is never done

@koolxxxyear says:

True. Buy it at your risk. No one is perfect all the time. But they used to be better, even the new V6 bi-turbo engines are having major issues. But Toyota will correct it asap, Other car makers will most likely drag their feet and deny any issues.

@josephflanagan1070 says:

The one you see everywhere

@rameshpersaud7131 says:

We think of Long lasting csrs they know that but they are not telling US they build cars for short term meaning you gotta buy another meaning that every part is calculated manufactured of mixed materials/alloys, they are just going by the good old reliable name but it's time to wake up good ol' name and product not matching UP( it's CHAOS for all)

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