Restoration of a Rare GT Turbo Toyota Starlet

Restoration of a Rare GT Turbo Toyota Starlet

Restoration of a Rare GT Turbo Toyota Starlet, transformation of this 1990 Toyota Starlet GT Turbo. A car rebuild that over many months I brought back to life.

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Parkiran Jadul says:

Starlet memang mobil mungil & cantik, salam dr sleman Indonesia

ごんたごんごん says:

The headlights are cloudy…

Jeffrey Harold says:

Bro, this is poetic!

Hunikengt says:

Absolutely fantastic work on the restoration of this little bunny, the starlet GT from Toyota is one of the iconic cars that I love 😀

amirudmx says:

In my country (Indonesia) the price is around 10.000 – 15.000 USD but car in good condition.

Fezan Simtaş says:

Ellerine sağlık mükemmel olmuş

Равиль Мустафин says:

Старлет лучше на чем ездил..

Aaron Wolfenbarger says:

its a 4ALE engine those things if kept in oil changes run forever!

George Katalos says:

Great work ! Bravo, greetings from Athens

VAJ 6412 says:

Woooww best restorasi starlet gt turbo

indian baby driver says:

now that's what I call a pro..
congrats for your Hardwork
and thanks for the motivation..

Азамат Почти Нагиев says:

Good job mate)))

Sambal Belacan says:

inside your car please use gopro to avoid vibration for better video quality.

Ti-Wald Ents. says:

Hi. Sell me this car now.

Mehmet Gürpınar says:

Cok guzel oldu eline saglik

anonymous_user says:

I would kill for a car like this, I absolutely hate modern cars. The last good cars were produced in around 2003 in my opinion, but 90's was the absolute peak

geekers says:

that light up GT badge on the back solely makes me want to buy one

Ian Sutton says:

Fair play. Great video. Love this!

Тарас says:

Toyota has excellent metal! I think that if it was a Ford, there would be nothing left of it.

Тарас says:

buddy, it's time for you to buy a lift! I think so

Arryo Suryahadi says:

Where are you from?

Jose Bonas says:

Que Toyota más lindo que país es amigo

se rebbi says:

You are a legend. Where did you find such a treasure?? Im looking for a 4efte for years and cant find a legit untouched one.

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