Program Toyota Camry Key and Remote (also other Toyota and Scion vehicles too!)

Program Toyota Camry Key and Remote (also other Toyota and Scion vehicles too!)

Tom’s Key Company rents Toyota key and remote fob programming devices.
This is guaranteed to program keys and remotes for select Toyota vehicles or 100% money back!

Don’t pay expensive dealership or locksmith prices to get your transponder chip car key or your keyless entry remote programmed! If you find a lower price for key/remote programming at the dealer or locksmith, let me know. Visit to send an email.

Additional vehicles are being added frequently. Currently works for all 2004-2018 Toyota Camry cars with a traditional turn key start (not push button start). Also works on most Sienna, Corolla, RAV4, and Yaris vehicles! If your vehicle is not listed, sign up for notifications as additional vehicles are added:

Using Tom’s Car Key Programmer™ you can easily program car keys and remotes for select vehicles and save money over dealership prices.

Works with “H”, “G”, and “dot” chip transponder keys. Also works with many FCC ID models of keyless entry remote fobs.




M Hunter says:

Is there a way to know before renting the equipment if my 2016 Camry has reached it's limit for programmed keys. Bought the car used and have had to replace 1 remote/key so far. Thanks

Brian Vinh says:

Great product, just made spare key for my 2013 Camry SE/“G” key, straight forward, recommend watch the video. Thank you Tomskey

Beshoy Abdelmessih says:

Tried it on a 2012 rav4 but the security light won’t turn solid after the fast beeping, so the key won’t start the car. Any suggestions?

AHMED aaofirq says:

How much is it to rent the programmer ?

Eddie Musa says:

Just got my key working! Thank you!!!!

Madeline Baia says:

Thank you so much. I did this 10 times and finally it worked. You rock. Fab at 50

Romans 8:28 says:

This guy just wants $$$. There are videos showing how to do it without Tom's Key company. Sheesh

Madeline Baia says:

Explain to me. The uncut key is programmed but the lock and unlock does not work

Jonathan Taveras says:

Great product and customer service. Highly recommend

Vinayak Govande says:

I ordered it for my Corolla 2018. Everything worked as described. Very happy with the product. Would use the services and the keys again. Thank you.

Craig Patten says:

Extremely helpful video, thanks.

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