its turbo time! – Toyota GT86 boost install

its turbo time! – Toyota GT86 boost install

installing a turbo in my Scion FR-S / Toyota GT86


JDL FT86 Turbo kit. Tuned by Rogue Art Tuning.

— Vlogging Gear —

Wide Angle Lens:
Daily Lens 12-35 f/2.8:
25mm Prime Lens:
Rode mic:
bendy tripod:

— tunes in this flick —

“Mystic” by Jef

“Memories” by Harukasuka

“Slumber” and “Arrival” by Shahly

“Connection” by Z.Dilla




Do you know anywhere I can buy this car…. I really lobe it. I want one in my collection. It's simple and reliable

Wael El Danbouky says:

did you replace the pistons ?

Maxim L says:

Did you do a compression test?

BrainsZA says:

in your 13 min vid, you give us 10 seconds of driving footage after the upgrade and then you cant tell us the power gain. 13 mins i will never get back.

Theo says:

You remind me of Casey Aflec

Jan Olav Kleppestø says:

Wait, (0:50) what is drones?

Young ColdBoii says:

amazing work, nice car, and the content i needed. i’m really impressed with your work it’s crazy!!

Kawaii Onnanoko says:

What wheels?

RyeBread says:

Thanks for the video; but how you gonna make a YouTube video with bed head lol

Vourn2020 says:

How much is that AE86 in your country? It looks simple but as it is, gorgeous JDM

TurboV6Firebird says:

If you like the way this sounds, you'll love electric cars

Raiyan Saad says:

Great job….

Nathan Yu says:

Wait is thats a Toyota GT 86 are you sure it’s not a FRS because that badge is not Toyota

isaac garcia says:

Bov sounds bad

Mr J says:

Did you have the stock oem map sensor when you start your car after installing your Turbo kit?

jack STM3 says:

i’m not rly into turbos but i want to add one in my gt86 but i have question: i’m driving that car daily and i want to add turbo on it for some extra hp i don’t want some crazy hp out of it just like ~80-100hp max i just want to car stay reliable much as it is now after that mod last thing i want to see is check engine light or burned piston rings i don’t want to put anything else on car just turbo and bigger cooler what can u guys recommand me to buy?

Satan Birmingham says:

I cNt wait to watch this when I get off work fUCK YEAH

Aakash Jana says:

I thought Drib designed some turbo for race quads . May be a capacitor boost module could do the trick. Like those piezo things we see in stove lighters.

Edgar Madriz says:

You into cars as well. I'm impressed. And you know what you are talking about.

Michael Nadolski says:

Man when it came to selecting parts on FT86 like wtf did u consider out that list. I see u could go up to 7k+! Lol

I would like to achieve maybe 300hp. Any input u might recommend from your build?

Would like to upgrade:
1) fuel injectors
2) fuel pump

Just not sure on the turbo choices etc. vid maybe? Lol ty.

Aaron Gormley says:

It's an exciting feeling. But, you'll learn soon enough to make a larger initial investment in the car itself. Peak my profile pic 😉

Diving Falcon FPV says:

Get it dyno tuned!!!
Guys had then on racetracks I use to goto.. great handling little car but yeah power was really lacking

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