I Can't Fix This Car! Some Car Problems Just Shouldn't Be Fixed!

I Can't Fix This Car! Some Car Problems Just Shouldn't Be Fixed!

I can’t fix this car! Folks Some Car Problems Just Shouldn’t Be Fixed and in this video you’ll see a prime example of that.

Do you ever go to your mechanic with an issue and they either tell you can’t duplicate the concern or i see nothing wrong? It almost makes you feel like you’re making things up.

Well we have an example of that in this video on this 2008 Toyota RAV4 V6. Customer brought it for a noise diagnosis that after multiple tries we couldn’t get it to happen.

But this doesn’t mean that there’s no problem! It simply means the issue is not severe enough where a repair is warranted. Especially in this case where the repair is actually an engine out job.

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RaymondVillegas1 says:

Hi , Your video regarding the Toyota Sienna indicates a variety of issues that are problematic . Is there a good year for the Sienna ?

Mike Rogers says:

Those Nokian winter tires are serious business! I love those things!

John Davies says:

My bet is the customer is wearing new hearing aids .[ask me how I know ]

martik778 says:

Why don't they have slots in those lift pads to clear the lip on the frame. I made some custom pads for my floor jacks with slots – so much safer!

jesse wynne says:

I got rid of my airplane noise when I drain and filled the gear oil in differential front and rear and transmission dump and fill with ATF.

SnakeyLPs says:

I really love these 2gr-fe videos because that's the same engine that my car has. Never experienced a rattle on cold start and I hope I don't in the future but at least I learned something new today. No need to worry about it until it gets real bad.

AR says:

Had one of those V-6 AWD Sport models back then. Super fun to drive.

jesse wynne says:

I’ve been told on my brothers 07 cold start rattle which was quick and went away. And we listened to Scotty Kilmer and got some carbon cleaner. Forgot the name but got it online
Only. Put it in oil ran it for 20 mins dumped oil and put new oil in. Repeated it again.
After 100 miles 2nd time with carbon cleaner in oil.
After then the rattle went away.

Jaime Dantas says:

I have the same one with the same problem. However, the noise only appears when it’s -5C outside during a cold start. What a great car!

Underdog says:

Having been in your shop for a while now, is there anything that you would change or do differently?


The center valley coolant plate leaks not always a head gasket. I have resealed so many.

Michael Dunagan says:


As pertains to the test where you rotated the right steer tire:

I didn't really do a circular motion on my tire test. When I bought my 1999 Toyota Solara 3.0L V6 6 years ago, I could tell that speeds above 65 mph made the steering wheel do a mini-death wobble.

What I got the car in the garage and up on jacks—there was audible and visual movement in the wheel assembly. I chalked it up to a bad bearing. I replaced all hobs and bearings because the wobble Warren to the hubs from the steel rims.

I was just going to replace all the steering components other than the steering rack do to mileage and age. For sure, the inner tie rods were shot. I'm rather surprised about some Toyota videos I watch that redo or refurbished Toyota vehicles but they don't touch the inner tie rods. Replace the control arms and the struts but don't check the tie rods.

How can one tell a whelk bearing from a warped hub or whelk or tie-rod or bushings?

Brian Banks says:

I found it easier to check inner tie rods with the weight on the vehicle's wheels and the front wheels on turn plates like an alignment rack….when the vehicle is raised, the spring weight put pressure on the suspension parts and tightens everything up a little…a front end mechanic showed me this trick before…if it moves in the air, it will probably really move on the turn plates….great video, thanks

Emilio G. says:

I will drive to Texas to get my car fixed by you. This man is the best.

Jim McCarville says:

Excellent as always sir, I've been turning wrenches for over 30 years and you are very good at explaining every aspect of a customer's car whether good or not so good and one thing that I use to be asked all the time is why it isn't the issue happening right now and I've had a few, very few, that when they turned their car keys over to me and brought the vehicle back to the ship I couldn't replicate the issue and said that happens all the time but those small few actually insinuated that I did something from the time I received their keys and drove it back to the shop (which only took maybe a minute or two) and said I did something to stop the noise to make them look stupid. I'm glad I did own the place as I would just direct them to the owner and have him deal with the idiot. Being you own the place I certainly hope that hasn't happened to you. But you are as right as rain with respect to the issue may not always rear its ugly head all the time. Thank you for putting this out there so all who watch your channel know this to be true, thank you again!

george rocks says:

Those Avalons- the Japanese Buick- are in good shape because they are typically owned by older people that are easy on their cars and can afford upkeep, like Buick owners LOL

Edward Bennet says:

Bought an 06 base V-6 4wd new..Wife drove it in all kinds of road conditions at night for her job. In 140k, we had one spark coil, 1 intermediate shaft, alternator at around 130k, water pump about 130k, rear end bearing (disconnector)? at 120k. Toyota did a redesign on the rear end problem on the '11.5 and '12 models. 2 sets of tires..Never needed an alignment. Front brakes around 90k. When traded at 140k the timing chain cover was leaking and the rear end was clunking again. I'd get another one but with V-6 front wheel drive !…

bluntzz says:

I have a 2017 tacoma 2.7 right around the same 190k miles and i just started getting that vvti rattle as well on cold starts even with 4-5k oil change intervals. Recently did the valve cover gasket just to see inside and everything is clean and the paint marks on the chain are bright and i assume the tensioner is fine but i guess im going to rock with the noise until it gets worse. Weird how my 09 tacoma also 2.7 close to 300k, has never had a vvti rattle (mbby since its only a single vvti? idk) Guess they dont make em like they used too lol. Thank you AMD for all the info and reassuring alot of us with that infamous toyota vvti rattle!

Senan Foutchedjev says:

Agree with the comment below, but there are two more. Fantastic.

James Hisself says:

Brake line twisted at the caliper?

Scott Stephens says:

My 08 V6 has just developed the dredded 4WD,ASC,MIL light after I flushedthe ATF.

NYC Maverick says:

I just bought 2021 Toyota RAV4 XLe with 15,000 miles on it. What would be the two most important maintenance items to me if I want to make this car last 200,000 miles

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