How to Restore/Fix/Repair a Cracked Vinyl Dash – Toyota Hilux Pickup/4Runner

How to Restore/Fix/Repair a Cracked Vinyl Dash – Toyota Hilux Pickup/4Runner

Today I’m restoring an old cracked dash from a 1987 Toyota Pickup Truck using the following steps:
– grind the cracks into a V groove with a dremel
– enlarge vent openings
– fill cracks with long strand bondo
– fill smaller areas with regular bondo
– sand smooth
– apply adhesive to vinyl and dash
– wrap vinyl over dash
– trim excess vinyl

Products used:
Dremel 25 pc kit:
or cheaper generic Dremel:
Long-strand Filler, Quart:
Fiberglass filler, quart:
Dupli-Color Prep Spray:
Fast Tack 92 by Sprayway:
Xacto Knife:
80 Grit Sand Paper:
Heat Gun:
Clamps, 4-pack:

Dash Cap Links:
1979 -1983 Toyota Pickup without Side Defrost Vents:
1984-1986 Toyota Pickup & 4Runner: (long recessed area across dash top)
1987-1988 Toyota Pickup & 4Runner: (smaller curved rectangle area on dash top)
1989-1995 Toyota Pickup & 4Runner:
2003 – 2009 Toyota 4Runner with Speaker Holes:

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How to Remove 1980’s Toyota Pickup/4Runner Dash Pad Cover:

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Simon Woodward says:

That's solved a 20 year old dilemma for me, I have a cracked dash to repair on a old 944, I currently have a spare which is also cracked so I will that first, cheers for the video.

Fava Beans says:

Awesome video good job. . Cut down the material even more. Relief cuts around the radius and where needed.

Dairy Jerry says:

Man I've been gone forever and this is first vid that pops up. I love your idea for crack filler but from that point on it works best to use heat gun vinyl yu know like vivvid or 3m 1080 or even better 2080 series rap aswell vivvid's carbon fibre looks Cron! Member my vid I showed u? If only we were neighbours lol speaking of which I might be looking for a place soon 🙁 ttyl peace fellow toy master!

howietorock says:

Never use spray glues they don't bond as good best use glue and apply by brush so it penetrates both surfaces instead of sitting. On top of the surface

Kyle says:

I subscribed when I heard OCD… lol I've got a 95 4runner and been working on it 3 yrs. OCD is required with these trucks. My dash is embarrassing! I think I'll give this a go… Nice vid man…

Tai Lopez says:

Props to you for taking on a project like that. I would’ve got frustrated and smashed the dash by the first attempted you had.

Jesus Caraballo says:

Tengo un daf danado quien. Lo puede areglar

Ford Huguley says:

knead your hardener before you use it and it wont be watery. youre supposed to mix up any kind of hardener like that before you use it for that reason

Ahmad Alshehri says:

vacuum is a good idea to make vynil stick to the recessed area

Jesse Shelby says:

Could have sworn you switched it out with a new one! Great job on the redo.

Andrew Hardcastle says:

Fantastic dedication ! Thanks for the course in dash repair

Patrick Kissman says:

I really need to do that to my 86 pickup. the dash pad and the inside door handles are the only imperfections in the interior.

Build & Adventure says:

Nice Job! Betting you will get better with the more of them you do, Bet you try it a 3rd time and that will be near mint!

Chris MONTRAIRRO says:

Moist and Squishy says:

Redo it… anyways, I'm in the market for a '95-'98 Land Cruiser…

Tito Rodriguez says:

You should do one with plastic welding, sand paint

Christopher Waits says:

Honestly that looks awesome. And the texture looks similar to the soft plastic used in 1990s and early 2000s Toyota’s

I'm hunting deer says:

Way better then when I did tint…

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