How to make old Starter Motor Work like New. How to fix, rebuild and clean starter motor.

How to make old Starter Motor Work like New. How to fix, rebuild and clean starter motor.

Difference before and after is not so noticeable on video like in real, it’s so much better, even with more drained battery starter spins faster and engine starts easier. That is night and day difference. Idealy you want to replace starter brushes and if possible disassemble gear mechanism clean it and lubricate it.

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Iron John says:

Just did this to my starter and I used high temp grease and it works better than new thankyou!

Tumangi Pareanga says:

Hi there, I recently bought a 2000 ford transit diesel camper but been having issues with diesel knocking apparently.Took it to my mechanic to fix the knocking got it back and went for a long drive which was fine stopped turned around headed back home but then as we approached a hilly part there was sudden jerk or surge in the engine, anyway long story short we made it home next day started up was ok shut it down and later on decided to run it down and get the tyres pumped and would you know it the knocking started up again.

andytheobliviator says:

This video is unbelievably perfect.

Christian Christiansen says:

Excellent video – thanks a lot. A thorough cleaning saved my starter (and wallet 😉

kris lyn says:

Mesmerizing. So dope. The music makes it all that much better!!

Jefferson says:

I'd like to thank you for this video. I am a farmer and on Saturday at 3pm my tractor wouldn't start. The starter smoked a bit on its last try and I assumed it was dead. I watched your video then took my starter apart. I had nothing to lose since the tractor store was closed 'till Monday. It was extremely dirty with oily, greasy dirt. I cleaned it well and reassembled it. After that, I bench tested it (another YT video) and it worked! Today it has been working much better than before and I've transplanted cauliflower, zucchini and summer squash. I'd be down for days sourcing a new starter without this video. It feels good to solve a problem and keep trucking. Thanks man!

Brek Martin says:

Too bad if it was the solenoid that was stuck 😀

J P says:

Thank you for not saying one word and getting to the mf point. My MAN!

James Snider says:

There's is no mechanical reason to clean the outside of the motor housing unless there's going to be mirrors under the car for a car show.

Knight Owl says:

good video…eerie music!

aidansparkes12345678 says:

oh i have a dead battery.. best spend hours rebuilding my starter motor then ..

D B says:

Love the gangsta music. lol

Mr Shocks says:

Any idea how I can fix a none working start??

Web Surfer says:

My starter 'misses' every once in a while, when you turn the key it don't turn but instead makes a terrible grating sound, i move the gear selector (auto) through the gears a couple of times, and it clears, then works fine, any ideas?

Mac Chaudry says:

This might sometimes. Not the best solution. Yes it sounds a little better but when the book calls for a 20hr job to replace starter (Audi A8) then it would be best to get a new unit from the dealer for a lot of Money. Hate to do rework.

786qad says:

Solenoid replacement? Not a carbon clean out! My grandma could do this

Dubmash.TV says:

What if there is power at the starter motor but the motor is not spinning and my car isint cranking at all does that still mean I can clean it out or do I have to change the whole thing? My car is a automatic Honda Civic 2003 model

Ррр Ввв says:

Что изменилось то!?)

Egelloc Daddario says:

And your battery was almost dead too. Maybe you can also do an alternator rebuild too? Haha nice vids bro

jerry lansbury says:

But you never touched the solenoid ? The most important part and most often the first to fail !

Draxindustries1 says:

Use brake & clutch cleaner to wash it out instead of doing it dry, it's more effective..

David Haworth says:

there's something very satisfying about watching an instructional video without an annoying voiceover…. well done.

TheSootpig says:

Thank you for posting.
Great satisfaction doing yourself and a small saving too

Ronnie Dela cruz says:

the view is informative but it will be much appreciated if there's a verbal initiation.. Bit boring beacause all you hear is a background music.

Johnny Figueroa says:

Replace your battery.

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