How to install a diesel pre-filter Toyota Hilux D4D

How to install a diesel pre-filter Toyota Hilux D4D

How to install a Direction Plus diesel pre-filter kit into a Toyota Hilux KUN26R 2005-2015.

Super easy install with minimum tools.

If you head out west with jerry cans or fill up at dodgy servos this is a must have.

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Darren woodhouse says:

Super helpful. Great video! Cheers mate

Eric Bates says:

Great video, just wondering what it's like changing the oil filter after you install this kit? Looks tight.

Chris Hammond says:

Great video thank you

Tim Howlinson says:

Thanks for the video, just about to get my kit for a 2017 Hilux. Hopefully the install goes smoothly.

hungrynapps says:

Can this 2009 hilux

Below Ten Thousand says:

Hey Mate, thanks for the video. I have just purchased the same kit as yours to install on a 2012 Hilux. I am just a little concerned like you that the sensor cable is really tight when plugged to the top of the primary fuel filter housing. Do you know of any way to put in some type of extension to give it some more length? Cheers Mate. Again, great job.

Josip Posavec says:

Great Video Mate. Looks like it's near impossible to get to the oil filter now.

Aaron Sillato says:

great tutorial – can you still install a dual battery tray with it fitted?

Jeremie Ross says:

Sorry i know it's an oldie, but that location has to be an absolute pain in the arse to both see it, and replace it…

Longy661 says:

Yeah agree about the jerrys. You always get shit on the funnell.

OtoSmart says:

Great video. Since diesel engine need clean fuel, we believe that pre-filter will save the cost in the long term diesel engine. I also did the same thing by installing Racor fuel-filter as pre-filter for my diesel engine as you can see on .

james watts says:

hi all what are the numbers on filter head for and which holes are for what because other vids are telling different thanks for any
help this is avery good video tutorial

all4dh8rz says:

Why did you install a pre filter if the factory one already has a water separator with warning light indicator when accumulated?

Andres Bangog says:

this part # IS 90917-11037

Andres Bangog says:

where is the location of filter gas for toyota diesel hilux

calvinsherren says:

Have you had any issues with the fuel pump or anything so far?

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