Fixing a Front End Collision [FRS/BRZ]

Fixing a Front End Collision [FRS/BRZ]

Today I’m bringing you guys to my daily work here at the shop. Today we got an frs that was involved in a front end collision that we try to fix and repair all the damage present to get it ready for paint or wrap.

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Arizona Guerrilla says:

If the frame in the front is messed up can the car still be fixed.

My Name KG Wealth says:

How Much Does A Job Like This Cost? Excluding The Price Of The Parts?

David Dank says:

Where are you located I’d be interested if you’d be able to do some work on my 03 Mitsubishi Eclipse I rear ended someone but wasn’t going crazy fast it’s some front end damage just the crash bar, front bumper, headlights, radiator Nd Ac compressor to my knowledge

Yvens Thony says:

Where you located

Davida204 says:

Great info! Thanks!! About to fix another front end one of my kids wrecked and got a lot of info and tips I didn't know before to make it easier and everything line up better. Thanks for sharing your work.

Kris says:

What's the rough estimate cost to fix something like this, parts and labour included?

TBMFortified says:

Bro. Could you fix my car XD

Avery Heaton says:

How to you get the original spot welds off?

Alex Ramirez says:

I have a project frs for you

Ace Morales says:

My 2013 has similar damage could you send me the parts list you ordered

nicko gambiloi says:

hey man would you be able to fix my 300zx?:/


Wish my car wasn’t getting totaled so I could fix it

Defined sinner says:

you got a ig, i need some help on my bumper gap, i already changed the bumper brackets now it doesn’t even attached to bumper it sags lot, please help! i would go to you but i remember you told me you from AZ , i’m from. CA

DejaVu 1 says:

love the vids!!!!! man all these bad frs drivers lol

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