Don't Do THIS to Your Toyota Suspension! Restoring a Camry's Original Ride and More!

Don't Do THIS to Your Toyota Suspension! Restoring a Camry's Original Ride and More!

A Toyota Master Diagnostic Technician Shares some things you should never do to your Toyota suspension when doing repairs.

Please don’t do this to your Toyota suspension! Don’t use cheap aftermarket parts especially when it comes to struts.

Toyotas are usually soft and comfortable riding cars. Nothing exciting or sporty. However most people use Toyotas to commute to work in a quiet and relaxing manner.

When struts go out people tend to shy away from original struts in favor for aftermarket units and especially Quick Struts because they’re easy to replace. This is a grave mistake I wish more and more Toyota owner’s don’t fall for.

Original struts can be expensive, However in my opinion they’re worth every penny. Toyota struts usually last a very long time and NOT 50,000 miles! If it ain’t broke don’t fix it applies a lot here.

Also in this video while we have a beautiful 2001 Toyota Camry in Great Condition, we take a look at another Gem of an Engine from Toyota. The 5S-FE in it’s latest iteration.

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0:00 Why Aftermarket Struts are not good
4:10 Toyota 5S-FE Mystery Oil Leak
8:30 5S-FE Spark plugs
11:15 Under Car Inspection
16:24 Restoring the Camry’s Original Ride Quality
18:46 Car Interior Tour



woodenbike says:

I have one of these 2001 se, best car !!

GhostHan says:

wow alot of issues in that generation.

Jenny Preston says:

2005 RX with 180k miles. Just purchased KYB struts, mount and bump stop. Do you think I should have went with oem?

cezary RENOIR says:

Please , more videos on mechanical work on this engine

Uche Oniah says:

If you hear any creaking in the rear a common culprit is worn out rear trailing arm bushing.

Here are a couple of videos that assisted me in changing mine out:

Phil Slaski says:

Had the pleasure of meeting AMD and Mrs. CCN last week when I stopped in for an inspection of my new to me 2006 Avalon. Drove 45 miles and will do it again when I need a repair that's beyond my skill set. What terrific, absolutely wonderful people. Not easy to find this level of craftsmanship and honesty. Not to mention an awesome YT channel. Look forward to the next video AMD – hope you can find the time with all of the work you have running the new shop. And yes to anyone wondering – the shop is actually cleaner than it loos on the video's if you can imagine that!!

rads ter says:

Also don't get Monroe sets for your toyota highlander, too soft and you'll hear road noise on every little bumps.

Stick to factory struts.. Wasted 650.00 for junk struts.

Anthony F. says:

Bulletproof engines. That car is in immaculate shape

montefiveforty1 says:

Ran across a few sticking EGR valves on these cars where it would stick open and not close on decell causing it to stall at a stop light and then restart no problem.The first one through me for a loop and when i ran into another one that had been to numerous shops (and the dealer) i knew what it was and i was a hero.These generations were the best.

emort6 says:

I keep putting cheap aftermarket parts on my 05 camry because I always think it will die soon. At 391000 miles it keeps proving me wrong though.

oldskool says:

Awesome car.. rare color

RelativeEarth says:

Do you know how long Toyota will sell suspension parts for Avalon? Or any part for that matter? I was wanting to buy a 2017 or 2018. Thanks?

B.S Free TV says:

PLEASE HELP AMD What is your opinion of a 2017 RAV4? I bought one and everything was going great and now the transmission feels like it is shifting rough. Just hit 60,000 miles. Transmission was serviced about a few thousand miles ago. Are these known for transmission issues?

MrKerry98 says:

i have enjoyed your videos. You have a real gift of narration that holds my interest. God bless you.

Glenn Henry says:

What do you think of the 2GR fSE engines?

Guest says:

Do I have to change struts if my Toyota Corolla LE is close to 100k? How do I know if Toyota center got me the original one but not the cheap one since I do not stay next to the mechanic but wait in customer’s area?

F R says:

I bought my son a 97 Camry with 83k this spring as his first car. We spent the summer fixing it up and taking care of a lot of the maintenance I've learned about by watching your videos (seriously, thank you for sharing all of your vast experience and knowledge with us!). One thing I definitely missed though was changing the gear oil in the differential, does it take 75W-90?

Kevin says:

That's in gorgeous condition. Same color as my daughter's 99. Hers has the 1mz-fe, which is a great engine. I had a 91 Camry that had a 3S-FE. That engine I think was the predecessor to this engine. It was one of those bulletproof engines, that would just keep going. I put about 120,000 miles on it, just delivering pizza. You could barely hear the engine when it'd run. It burned a little oil, but that was maybe a quart every 3 months or so.


Never buy a car in the rust zone. Always lease!

Awharry36 says:

this old classic got a lot more mileage than my '17 Highlander the drivers side strut/shock just went at 34k miles. $726 later for strut, shock absorber, and 4 wheel alignment when I've never hit anything or even a large pothole or bump. Hoping it was just a fluke and not an indication of trouble.

Panji 77 says:

i love that gen and color too

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