Did Toyota Make a Mistake Making the Supra with BMW? We Check Out a 700HP Supra to Find Out!

Did Toyota Make a Mistake Making the Supra with BMW? We Check Out a 700HP Supra to Find Out!

Did Toyota make a mistake making the new Toyota Supra with BMW? We get a 700HP heavily modified 2021 Toyota Supra in the shop to find out how well it’s holding up.

In this video we check out a sweet 2021 Toyota Supra that’s modified and done well. The owner of this Supra really did this one well!

The best part is this car have had these modifications for over 10k miles and has been absolutely reliable. Not to say that this is a reliable car. This goes to say that the current generation Supra has a lot of ties with what made the old one great.

With simple bolt on modifications you can make a lot of power without having to have a complete engine rebuild.

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Victor Lopez says:

Yes, a total mistake. Toyota will damage its reputation, thank God is not a Lexus!

BroLetsDigin ASMR says:

Ain't the previous Supra's use to swap the 4.7 2UZ-FE engine?

Derek Casanares says:

AMD is the man just like the CPU

Kyle Blackwelder says:

But, but, 2jz ,…

Charles Aloha says:

BMW brakes are great. Over 100k miles I replaced pads once and kept the original rotors. My toyota I replaced pads and rotors twice in the same period

Monte Stu says:

Awesome car!

Monte Stu says:

How does it pass emissions testing in Illinois? Hmmm..

KOKOSZ says:

I miss the old videos when you showed us how to fix stuff. Hope to see more of them. Thanks

brahmincalgary says:

Toyota should have made their own side view mirrors, they are right off a M vehicle. Also make different door open or seat belt chime sounds too! Sorry Toyota is going to take a bath for using BMW for the Supra, bring reliability down for Toyota. Last time I looked the same extended warranty for the Supra and Z4 (time and mileage) is about $2500 CDN less for Toyota's versus BMW's. Big mistake for Toyota. I had an BMW X3, purchased extended warranty for $5200 CDN. Once extended warranty kicked in, it saved me $16,000 CDN. I added up all repairs during the extended warranty, totalled about $21,000 CDN.

mark bradl says:

It will age like a BMW.

Kosta Poulopoulos says:

AMD can you please make a video on why we here in the US have to use 0W-20 for some Toyotas, but other countries use 5W-30 or other oils. They have the same engine as the ones we have here most times. For example my 2022 Tacoma is rated for 0W-20, will I be able to use 5w-30 with no reliability issues

Michael Chen says:

The thing is, Toyota always had input from other companies with their performance vehicles. Their best performance engines had significant influence from Yamaha (including the JZ engine) so going to BMW or Subaru is not much different.

James Goularte says:


Alex Wang says:

Hi AMD, Thank you for another great video, TU as usual. As summer is slipping away, I guess we won't see the engine bay wash tips video this year? Thanks 🙂

Baerchenization says:

The mistake was naming it Supra… Every fan boy expected old new stock. The drama was foreseeable.

Jon Galindo says:

No,,,Toyota blew it. BMW????

Tanji says:

I really hope AMD will do a deep dive on the gr corolla as soon as he gets his hands on one!

Lexus Man says:

That car is soulless and is just an over complicated mess (BMW).It has no resemblance to the great JDM classics previously.2J all the way!
Its actually great to see some owners have converted back to 2JZ in these.

David G says:

Love the looks but when I buy a Toyota I'm buying reliability and BMW is not synonymous with reliability or affordability. I'm not a fan of the exhaust but the porting was a nice mod.

simon-sez says:

Great video but would have loved to hear the engine running. I'll just imagine how nice it sounds without cats.

Vivaldi Summer says:

Wasted horsepower. How besides racing (speed limit is 75 MPH) can one use all that power? I'd rather get an off road SUV with that much power.

john moore says:

The problem is that it's a BMW and not a Toyota..

Onaps Spano says:

'89 MK3 owner here with a 7M GTE, with ROD Knock. Gotta 2JZ-GTE going into it

Alex Ilic says:

I've driven this thing.. it's crazy fast!! It's 700+ Wheel HP!! And will run 9 second 1/4 mile with drag radials. Great car!!

1977 Celica Dragon says:

Love your channel! Been following it for a while now. Can you do a video about the ES330's? Common problems and things to watch? Thank you for all you do!

jon gone gone says:

time will tell shortly with the next supra release, i say toyota screwed themselves, and lost huge sales and demand. i would say they wont be doing this again. nice car good video.

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