Building The Perfect Front Bumper For The Toyota Pickup!

Building The Perfect Front Bumper For The Toyota Pickup!

Building a custom front plate bumper for the Toyota Pickup! Down below is a link to my website where you can find the bumper templates. These templates are going to save you guys so much time in building a bumper!!

Bumper Plans:
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Items Used In The Video!
Hobart Mig Welder:
Eastwood Mini Metal Saw:
4 1/2 Grinder:
Flap Disc:
Mini Flap Disc:
Magnetic Angle Finder:
LED Pod Lights:
LED Amber Blinker Lights:

Camera equipment used in the video!
Sony A7II Camera:
GoPro Hero 8 Black:

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Payette Knife Company says:

What's the plate thickness you are using?

Jojo Delima says:

How thick are the plates you are using for the bumpers. Love the neat piece of work man

Alexandre Teixeira says:

Ola Austin, parebens pelo trabalho manual que voce faz, queria te perguntar, quanto tempo pronedio te toma fazer un parachoque a medida manualmente. un grande abraco do Brasil

Martin Neps says:

Would you ever build a bolt on bumper it's on bumper for a Chevy S10 Pick up please comment back it is AZR2 packageI love these bumpers

Erik Van Vechten says:

Great video and really well done! What material thickness are you using for the bumper and it's mounting brackets?

Salam Ayoub says:

hello your work very well bravos.

can I see pdf of the plan.

Hector Alicea says:

I really enjoyed this video, thanks for posting. I would like to see a similar bumper for a GMC envoy

Charles says:

What thickness of plate steel did ya use? Looks incredible. I’d be tempted to just clear coat the raw steel

alvin drix says:

I’m interested in the bumper template…. I have a 1997 Tacoma truck extra cab and I’m willing to upgrade it

charles says:

Pretty awesome fabricating skills! Did it with all the shop tools most people have. Really good job and pretty smart at designing the bumper.

Luis Medina says:

How thick is that steel ?

Roy Olomanu says:

Damn bro that’s freaking awesome bumper ALOHA

EnduringGuerila says:

Something about this guys face, won't trust anything he says…

Web Cityx says:

it really looks great! better than what you can get in the after market

Web Cityx says:

where did you get your headlights? its so cool! did you plastic dip the body?

Donald Duncan says:

What saw or special grinder is that your cutting the plate with

Semi Feiloakitohi says:

Good looking out

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