Avoid This Toyota at All Costs

Avoid This Toyota at All Costs

Avoid This Toyota at All Costs

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Scotty Kilmer says:

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HOKIE99 says:

I am looking at buying a used Camry for a local teenager who needs a good used car. I thought the oil burners were 2007-2009, does Annye know conclusively which engine is the oil burner?

Dan Crumbo says:

Why do junkyard engines have the blue paint?

michael burke says:

The way he said don't buy it was definitely Donald Trump dub

Aiden Brister says:

I was already aware of this when I bought my 2005 Camry Sportivo but this is very true for those looking to buy a 2002-2006 Toyota Camry with the 2AZ-FE engine

Roger Whiting says:

You da man Scotty

Shane Jumbo says:

Gold Scotty. Thank you

NoSpeakGaming says:

I have that same toyota, still not burning oil, i think i got lucky

Tom Davis says:

This is 2021. Surely we’ve had enough time to develop he internal combustion engine to the point where oil consumption is minimal. And it’s not just Toyota that’s had oil consumption issues of late. Unacceptable IMHO

Lucien L says:

toyota pays scotty,

this is a lie

R A says:

Scotty u forgot to mention the 1ZZFE in the corollas from 1998-2002

Elliot Ward says:

I own a 2002 Camry. It burns oil, but it also gets phenomenal fuel mileage. I constantly get 750 km/450 mile range, per tank highway. The car also has 400,000 kms/250,000 miles

MikeDunn says:

I thought the 2002-2006 Camry's were not that bad with oil burning (2.4L).
It is the 2007, 8, 9 that you have to watch out for.

Toe Cutter says:

Don't worry about burning oil..there is plenty of it to go around.

Jdubski Wright says:

This same advice can be used for women too..stick your finger in her tailpipe..if its oily you dont wanna smash it..if it's just a lil soot then your all good to smash and dash..

TexFlex says:

Yup my car does that. Also for some reason it still slow leaks thru the valve cover. Even replaced gasket and readjust it 5 times yet it still leaks. So I seal it all around with hi temp silicone and that finally fix it

Mtzz _90 says:

Scotty what if the car makes a grind noise as it starts as if your holding the keys to long when starting?

AxeWind says:

I picked myself up 1995 camry with only about 85k miles and perfect tinted glass. some old lady paid to have remote starter, pioneer deck, all new steering and suspension redone. I took it to my guy and he said he was shocked the belts were never changed on the thing. He put in new timing belt set, accessory belt and power steering belt for a total of $530 Canadian. I love the car. it might even beat your celica

Bayer U says:

Damn this video would have been nice 1 month ago. Got a 2011 base model camry and it eatssss oil

Bradley Byrnes says:

My 2011 Camry with that engine isn't burning oil. Here in Australia that engine ran until 2011. Nice smooth car to drive.

c21hustle says:

I got a 2002 Camry, automatic with the original 2az engine with over 300k made in kentucky, I changed the oil every 3k miles and it only burns a quart every oil change. I also have a 2003 Camry, manual with the original engine with just over 200k miles made in Japan, it burns 1 quart per thousand mile. The previous 2 owners were awful at changing the oil. I learned through experience, regular maintenance can also slow down the use of oil consumption in these Toyotas because regardless of their oil consumption, they are well built cars.

Oscar Garcia says:

I have the same engine on a 2009 camry . Its a great commuter but dang checking every 2 weeks to make sure i still have oil is scary lol. Was using regular oil 5w-30 . Now this year im trying full synthethic high mileage (170k)same number to see if theres a difference. From what i seen so far the engine warms up way quicker on cold start plus runs smoother but still wastes the same as regular but hey 10k miles b4 oil change on it .

The One says:

touch, oily, dont buy, got it~!!

Albertus_Elite says:

Toyota is trash.

The ShihTzu Dad says:

If I could find a good used Toyota Camry on a lot somewhere. I'd buy it.

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