Uni-Shine LED Headlight Install | Suzuki Samurai

Uni-Shine LED Headlight Install | Suzuki Samurai

This is the first vehicle I’ve ever put LED headlights in, and it’s awesome! Not only do they look great, they should be a great addition to our night time driving light setup!

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markshreideri says:

i borrowed power from right here. really? what is "right here"? waste of time

crownsman z says:

Can someone put up the link so i can make the purchase from amazon also the harness thanks

Recovery Soldier DIY Auto says:

I just bought an 88 Samurai. I really appreciate your content. You’re awesome! Thank you.

Amanda Berridge says:

Wanting to know the process on wiring up the amber light with the turn signal wire

MrCoolJaybo1 says:

What did you do about the hyper flash with the turn signal?

MrHunting99 says:

Always solder the splice.

Eric Bryant says:

Very nice set up

msmdesign says:

SORRY……..What an idiot I am!!! Watched the video again and saw that the red and yellow are on the LIGHTS and not the harness. Thank God for your video so nuts like me can get it done!

msmdesign says:

Bought the harness from Amazon you listed but there are NO additional red and yellow wires at the orange plugs like you show in the video???? How do I wire up the DRL and amber turn lights? Do they make that exact harness you show in the video?

Franz Willy Chipana Zenteno says:

Hola buenas me puedes mandar el circuito de conexión de los reles porfa

James Long says:

What wire harness is that it will not pull up anymore.

First Last says:

Link to the LED lights are now to a different design…….

Jose Vera says:

Is there an easy way to align them? My samu is super tall because of the tires and every time I turn the light on I get everyone blind

DEPO Maxzone Auto Parts Corp says:

Hi, we are DEPO Auto Groups. Sharing your DEPO headlights video and stand a chance to win $1500/$1000/$500 in cash before 10/15/2021!

o c says:

Which wire (color) do I tap into for the parking lights on the aftermarket head lights?

Abo Amaar says:

You are really creative .. I wish you good luck

MPSHyr says:

Is there a guarantee on Uni-Shine products?

Mick Kollins says:

Nice job bro..much appreciated! I'm about to undertake the LED swap on my '94 EFI Sammy. In your link to the new harness on Amazon…their harness doesn't seem to have the 2 xtra wires for the DRL etc. Looked every where…any suggestions? THANKS mate!

jeremy plas says:

Where did u wire the dlr to.

yulzi says:

Would love to see how they perform on the road looking to get a pair for my rig

Alternate Route says:

That looks AWESOME!

Sheldon Semon says:

Good work on your Sammi… looking under your hood here it looks like you're missing a lot if your emissions equipment? How is that working out for registration? I'm not too far from you in CA and I can't get mine to pass smog and I DON'T want to go green sticker…

Dallas Stevens says:

Changes the whole look of the Samurai, pretty cool!

ulla zhang says:

Thanks so much!

ben jones says:

The led lights are positively switch hed lights and the original head lights are negatively switched. That's the need for the new wiring diagram

klumsytone says:

Looks great, bro! Keep up the good work. Any update on what your gonna do with the burb?

Gaston Pavez says:

I see this from Chile, the modifications you make to the Suzuki samurai are incredible!!!

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