Suzuki RF 900 – How to change the clutch

Suzuki RF 900 – How to change the clutch

Clutch replacement procedure for 1994 Suzuki RF 900
and some models of GSXR 750/1100



Alex Westra says:

Hi is it realy that hard to Come by these clutchplates cause my rf 900 is at the shop but they cant seem to find the right ones
So if you have any sugestions on were to order them i would realy apriciate it

Max Stumpf says:

Hey so there isn't clutch springs behind the assembly? Like if you were to remove the nut and pull the basket out?

arto mulari says:

In my Suzuki clutch steel plates 5-6 plate is 2 millimeters thick while others are 1.6 millimeters

Hunting Tiger 83 says:

I've been trying to help a friend diagnose a dragging clutch on his R plate RF 900 after it had new gearbox fitted. Would this setup be the same as the R plate? I've recently rebuilt the slave cylinder and bled it a few times. There was no clutch drag before the gearbox was fitted so have questioned if the clutch has been over tightened when the gears were done but we've not had the weather to look at the clutch until recently, but also know I do not have a 50mm socket (yet)


It’s a 50mm nut that holds the clutch in, correct?

mr. Aq says:

is this the older one ? i have a 1995 RF900 and the plate has 5 bolts with the springs on them…..

Joe a says:

Does the 94' model have the same clutch procedure as the 1996 rf900 r model? Thanks

Dylan O'Sullivan says:

What size is the nut mate ?.

Andrew Gordon says:

Great video, looks straight forward. What's the size of the clutch spring holder? Looks 50+mm!!

Kris Poland says:

hej a ta duża nakrętka to na jaką nasadkę ? i masz fajną pokrywę sprzęgła szukałem czegoś takiego ale nie ma :), Wymieniałeś cały komplet metalowe i materiałowe podkładki ?

جابرو says:

Hello, can you translate your videos of God's Arabic videos? Thank you. We are following you

Stewart Thompson says:

Random post but I’ve decided to sell my 1993 RF900 with only 46 miles and frame number 20. No idea how much it’s worth though, any thoughts?

Edsongsxf Silva 750 says:

Muito bom o vídeo, excelente moto!!!

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