Suzuki outboard Fuel Pump Repair reassembly FULL DETAILS

Suzuki outboard Fuel Pump Repair reassembly FULL DETAILS


J. Crane says:

Thanks ! With you’re help did this to my DF140, snapped a lot of photos to help hose and wire routes. Thx

3kansasdrifters says:

What are the torque values for the manifold? Is there a reliable website you reference for those? Thanks

Quyen Tran says:

Thank you very much for your hard working step by step on this video , make mistake that the best way to learn ….


thanks. a washer fell off on the bricks.

Carlos Fernando Camacho Briñez says:

Hello ref pistola makita gracias

josh hermonson says:

what about your intake manifold gasket?

Dirt Worm says:

Will the electric pump continue to try and prime if you have the fuel rail bolt off? Or does it just turn on momentarily

Novaman1969 says:

Thanks so much I just changed my fuel pump on my 2003 115 Suzuki and probably would not have attempted it myself without finding your videos on YouTube!! Had the new pump and completed it in about 3hrs

Dean School says:

hey great video very detailed and helpful have the same outboard in the 140 version and have had a rough idle lateley, any idea on what the problem could be ?? has a new vst tank, pump, manual pump and new IAC

Joseph Brzostowski says:

What aftermarket pump did you buy, how is it holding up?

Doug Peterson says:

Thank you for this video. I'm sure it will be helpful for my DF140. You mentioned another video for easily cleaning the fuel injextors. Can you direct me to that or explain the process of easily doing that? Also – I know it's a pain in the ass – but did you have to take everything apart again in order to get that fuel line properly seated ? The one you accedentally left off at the very end of this video? Thanks again. (From mistakes – we learn)

Adrian Ezquerra says:

What did you repair???

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